Why Choose Custom Art Pieces For Your Home?

September 3, 2021
custom wall art

Are you stuck with what to hang on your walls, whether it be above your fireplace mantle, in the foyer, or 20 feet up on your staircase wall?

While many areas of your home can easily get away with standard art pieces that you can find at all types of stores, other spots may be a bit more difficult to decorate.

That’s where custom art pieces for your home come into the picture. Rather than scrambling to find the right piece with the right dimensions, a customized piece can do the trick. With custom wall art, you’ll have full control over the exact size, colour, pattern, and finish that you want.

Why is Wall Art So Important?

Wall art is often an afterthought when decorating a home. It’s usually considered last after all furniture has been added and arranged. But wall art certainly deserves a lot more credit for the role it plays on the look and feel of a home.

In fact, art pieces provide an excellent opportunity to truly enhance the design of an interior, which is why the pieces you hang should be done with great care.

Wall Art Adds Colour to a Space

A piece of wall art that you find can be used to inspire the colour palette that you ultimately choose for your interior. You can choose a couple of hues from the artwork and incorporate them into your home decor.

Wall Art Can Create a Focal Point

Every space in a home should have a focal point. It’s a fundamental rule in the world of interior design, and wall art can help act as the focal point in any room you choose. Hang it over the fireplace, your bed, or in the middle of a bare wall in the hallway to draw the eye to it and create visual interest.

Wall Art Makes a Room Appear Put-Together

Rooms that don’t have wall art can more easily appear as if they’re somehow not quite finished. Wall art can serve as an element that can bring everything together and make the space seem like its interior decorating is complete.

Why Choose Custom Wall Art?

Here are just a few of the things that you can have customized with your wall art:

-Hardware options, including hooks and easel back
-Border options
-Mirror or gallery wrap
-Frames options
-Optional colour finishing for photographs, including original black and white, or sepia

If you’re looking to customize your wall art, Hope Designs would love to help! Call or go online to book your a design consultation today!