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Interior Decorating

About Interior Decorating by Hope Designs

Your home is among your greatest prized possessions. It’s where you eat, sleep, dream and spend time with family. It’s also a hub for entertaining guests, where everyone can gather in a comfortable space.

Interior Decorating, styling and furnishing your home can be a real challenge. This is especially true if you don’t have any experience in the field.


What is Interior Decorating?

Interior Decorating isn’t just about throwing a few pieces of furniture together and splashing some new colours on the walls. It’s a lot more involved than that. In fact, it’s a whole process that requires a sound plan first, identifying your tastes, needs, lifestyle and budget.

With all the different options available to consider, tackling this job on your own can be overwhelming. If you need help from a competent Interior Decorator, turn to Hope Designs. As an established Interior Decorator in Toronto and the GTA, Hope Designs can help you create a dream space that you can be proud of!


Hope Designs at your service

Your home’s interior should reflect your taste and style. When you work with Hope Designs, it definitely will. We can help you choose your furniture and finishing touches that make your home stand out. Regardless of your budget, there’s bound to be an option that will work for you.
Forget about decorating on your own. Instead, take your interior to the next level. At Hope Designs, we specialize in creating comfortable, inspiring and inviting interiors that reflect the lifestyle of our clients.

Our philosophy is simple: we believe that your home should be a reflection of your unique personality. It should also express your style and inspire you to dream.

From planning to implementation, Hope Design’s goal is to have elated customers who love their home for years to come! Relax and ease into Hope Design’s Style where casual meets contemporary, sophisticated country meets city.

Book a Consultation


Before we start to work our magic on your home, a consultation needs to take place first. It’s during this appointment where we will sit down with you and gain a full and clear understanding of exactly what you’re trying to achieve. You’ll be given the opportunity to discuss your lifestyle, tastes and needs that will be pertinent to your specific interior decorating process.

At Hope Designs, this consultation will take place after an initial questionnaire is completed by you. Throughout this questionnaire, you’ll be asked questions that will give us a clear idea about what you’re like, how you live, and what you expect your home to provide for you.

Questions about your hobbies, tastes, budget, rooms you use the most, and who lives in the home will be covered. With this information, your decorator will have a better understanding about how to conduct the initial consultation.


At Hope Designs, we kindly ask our clients to place a retainer upon signing an agreement for our decorating services. This retainer is an up-front fee that’s used to cover the design fee throughout the planning and implementation stages of the decorating project. After the job is completed, if there are unused funds in the retainer fees are typically reimbursed to the clients.

Deposits are part of our interior decorating agreements with our clients. We’ve designed our contracts so that the retainer covers Hope Designs fees for the project. We will produce a design concept and estimate of costs based on the information we gather from our initial consultation and present it to you to discuss. This plan will include a summary of all the work that will be done room by room or project, as well as the timelines involved.

After the decorating proposal has been looked over and signed off, we will submit all quotes along with colour and fabric samples for final approval.


Our personal shopping services will help you maximize your decorating shopping efficiency. We’ll narrow down all the choices you have according to your specific style and needs, and ensure that the decisions made suit your purposes.

We have access to many design centres and trade only wholesalers that don’t offer their items to the general public. What this means is that you’ll have exclusive access to designer items at non-designer prices! You won’t have to worry about spending countless hours pounding the pavement looking for all the right furniture and decor pieces to fill your space – we’ll do that for you!


After a contract is signed and everything is agreed upon, we are ready to order all the necessary items and materials, hire the right tradespeople, and start the project coordination process.
At Hope Designs, we don’t walk away at this point. Instead, we offer full project management services to help ensure the project is overseen from start to finish. We’ll be there to make sure each job is done in the proper order, and the tradespeople are scheduled accordingly.

We oversee every phase of the project to ensure the job is done exactly the way we agreed it would be done. All you have to do is sit back and relax while we do the legwork for you. Your new space will exceed your expectations! For more information about how Hope Designs can help you dramatically transform your space within your budget, contact us today!