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Occupied Staging

Occupied Home Staging: Sell Your Home Faster and For More Money!

But selling quickly and for top dollar is much more easily done if you allow an occupied home staging expert to come into your home to work their magic. The idea behind occupied home staging is to make your home show as nicely and positively as possible to prospective buyers.

Occupied home staging is basically about selling a specific lifestyle to a particular group of buyers. Home stagers are experts in their field, and one of the many tasks that they excel at is gauging the type of buyers that are looking to buy in your area. For instance, what baby boomers want will likely be different than what young urban professionals may be looking for in a home. By studying the type of buyers in your area, occupied home staging experts will be able to tailor their decorating and furnishing tactics to attract those specific buyers. By doing so, you’ll be able to appeal to many more buyers, which will, in turn, boost the odds of you getting a great offer on your home and selling sooner rather than later.

If your home was staged to accommodate a young family with small kids, it likely won’t have the same effect as it would if you staged it for retired couples, if that’s the type of demographic that exists in your neighborhood, for instance. Determining the type of buyers in the area, what they want, and selling that lifestyle is exactly what will help to get you the most money for your home.

occupied home staging

What Do Occupied Home Staging Experts Do?

The job of a stager is multi-faceted. For starters, a consultation will be held to allow the occupied home staging expert to take a detailed tour of your home to determine what type of changes should be made. Once any issues have been identified, they will be communicated with you to make suggestions about they believe should be done to maximize the style and attractiveness of the property. It’s important to note that these recommendations might not necessarily coincide with what you would necessarily want to see in your home to appeal to your tastes. Instead, they are meant to be attractive to those who will likely be looking to buy in your area.

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Often the first item on the list is de-cluttering. Anything that should be thrown out or put away should be completed before any furnishing or decorating is done. That means giving the home a thorough cleaning job from top to bottom, putting away shoes and toys, washing dishes and putting them away, and even eliminating weeds from the front yard to boost curb appeal. Any clutter that is present will just stand in the way of buyers’ ability to visualize the potential of a home.


In order for buyers to be able to envision themselves living in your home and calling it their own, they need to be able to see past all of your family photos or religious affiliations. If your home is filled with these items, you may want to remove them and get them ready for the move to your new home. This is often a hard step for many homeowners to take, but it is extremely helpful at creating a neutral space whereby buyers can picture themselves living in the space.


Whether you’ve got pink and yellow striped area rugs, or lime green paint splashed across the walls, such eclectic colours often don’t fare too well with many buyers who don’t exactly share the same affection towards this type of decor.

While you may have an eclectic and unique sense of style, others might not feel the same way about it. Instead, neutral tones have been shown to appeal to more people. For this reason, you should consider swapping those vibrant colours for those which are typically more acceptable by the masses. Hues that tend to do the best in a home that’s been styled by an occupied home staging expert include white, beige, and light grey.


Many homeowners tend to collect artifacts that they like to put on display for guests to see. Whether it’s crystal figurines or spoons from around the world, such items can often create a sense of clutter. As stated earlier, clutter can cloud the vision that buyers may have about the potential of your space. As such, it’s best to put such items away and pack them up to be taken to your new home.


You might have a sofa in your living room and a bed in your bedroom, but are your choices in furniture and how they are arranged really showcasing the true potential of each space in your home? Maybe you’ve got too much furniture in a room, or not enough. Maybe you’ve got just the right amount, but the pieces are not arranged optimally.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important that the furniture is arranged in such a way that it doesn’t just show what the rooms can be used for, but also maximizes flow and function. If you aren’t sure exactly how this should be done, an occupied home staging expert can certainly help.