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Model Homes

What is Model Home Staging?

Model home staging basically involves completely furnishing, decorating and accessorizing a home to highlight its best features and make the home truly impressive. It’s about showcasing exactly how the home’s rooms can be used and emphasizing optimal functionality and practicality of a space. Rather than showing a model home when it is empty, allowing prospective buyers to come in and see the home entirely furnished will surely impress them even more.

Think about how many new homes are bought and sold every day in the GTA. The competition is fierce, so it’s imperative that every measure is taken to remain competitive in this industry. Model home staging helps to ensure that the new home construction that you are selling stands out, and impresses each and every buyer who walks through the home. Buyers need to see and feel how a property will fit into their lifestyles, and how it will offer them everything they need to live comfortably and happily. The majority of buyers are seeking out upgrades as far as their next home is concerned, so it’s critical that your model home is professionally staged so that it displays the specific lifestyle that so many buyers covet.

Model homes are an essential element for any new development or subdivision. When properly staged, not only do they highlight the craftsmanship of the builder, they also showcase what the homes have to offer. Model homes truly are critical sales tools for builders to be able to get every single lot in the subdivision sold in a short period of time. This important piece of property is essentially the builder’s main representation of what they are able to do, so model home staging is a vital component of the entire process. Home stagers will get to know who the people are that are likely to be looking in the area – and the development – to buy. They’ll gather all the information they need when it comes to finding out what exactly they are looking for in a home. Armed with this information, model home staging professionals are then able to come up with a plan to decorate and furnish the model home accordingly so that it shows exactly the way buyers would hope it would.

model home staging

Buying Based on Emotion

Homebuyers are typically motivated to make a purchase based on their emotions; that’s exactly what builders (and sellers in general) want. When a buyer falls in love with a home, they’ve made an emotional connection with it. With this connection, they are more likely to be enticed to make an offer on a property and buy it. Usually, such an emotional connection is made because of something they see in the home that reflects how buyers see themselves living. Through model home staging, you can effectively make this connection easier than ever, and therefore make the sale an easier one, too.


What Do Model Home Staging Experts Do?

The job of a model home stager is detailed and multi-tiered. Essentially, model home staging experts do the following to make sure the end result is a perfect one:

Without the proper furniture pieces and accessories, buyers may not be able to see the true value of a model home. If you leave the rooms vacant, buyers won’t be able to visualize how they could live in the place because of a lack of visual representation. If the home is furnished and decorated, but not appropriately, the same negative effect will ensue. You’ll simply lose out on the opportunity to impress buyers, and leave a lasting mark that will entice them to come in and place an offer. As a builder, you simply can’t neglect properly furnishing and decorating your home appropriately. With the help of model home staging experts, such as Hope Designs, you can put your best foot forward when it comes to ensuring that the first impression that buyers have is a positive one.

The team at Hope Designs has that creative, keen eye needed to know exactly what will work well in a space, and what won’t. They’ll understand the type of buyers that will likely be looking to live in the neighbourhood, and as such, they’ll know exactly how to furnish and decorate a space to appeal to this specific demographic. You want to be able to make sure that the development sells out. Not only that, you want to make sure that each lot sells in as short a time period as possible. Leaving the development to linger without selling out can cost you a lot more money in the long run. Hope Designs makes it their mission to ensure each and every property is staged to perfection. Visit Hope Designs today to book your consultation!

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