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During the consultation process one of our Certified Staging Professionals conducts an extensive assessment of the property with meticulous attention to detail and a “buyers’ eye”. Throughout the meeting with the Homeowners, we familiarize ourselves with the house and ascertain the demographics in the neighbourhood to determine who the “ideal buyer” for the property is likely to be. From there, we develop a buyer profile determining age range, gender, family dynamics, family size and lifestyle preferences. By determining these key factors we are able to custom tailor a staging plan utilizing our proven methods geared to that “ideal buyer”.

The consultant prepares the homeowner for the next steps required to get their property ready to list. We identify areas of concern, provide recommendations and suggestions on how to best market the property and make it appealing to a wide variety of buyers. In working together as a team with the Agent, the Homeowner and the Staging Professional we are able to generate a list of needs of the home, prioritize the most critical issues and the top improvements to increase the Homeowners’ return on investment (ROI).

During the consultation, Hope Designs will recommend paint colours, furniture placement, necessary upgrades such as flooring, lighting, and if required refer tradespeople for minor repairs to expedite the sale of the property. We encourage Homeowners to take notes, we also utilize our exclusive “Ready to List” comprehensive guide.

staging consultation

Preparing for Staging

You can complete the recommended projects yourself, or our Staging Team at Hope Designs can manage the entire project. We collaborate with a list of preferred vendors and skilled tradespeople who are available to assist.

We will provide assistance with de-cluttering, packing, carpet cleaning, window washing, cleaning services, moving furniture, and referrals to tradespeople for painting, minor renovations and repair work necessary to get your home in exceptional shape and ready to list. Hope Designs carries a full selection of home accessories and available home furnishings to showcase your home to its fullest potential. The Hope Designs team can quickly and effectively prepare your home for sale. 99% of the time your home is ready to list in 7 to 10 days.

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