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Home Staging

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the art of merchandising homes for sale. It’s been proven that Buyers purchase on emotion. Hope Designs thoroughly studies and understands each neighborhood and property’s demographics prior to designing the final project. Therefore, we are able to gear the overall look, feel and vibe of your property through carefully chosen furniture, artwork, accessories and color schemes to suit your homes unique demographic.

The staging process is a detailed one, and all comes down to appealing to the specific buyers in the particular neighborhood in which your home is located. It’s important to remember that although you may question what your expert home stager is suggesting, the changes being made are done to attract buyers, rather than appeal to your specific tastes. Your home stager is helping you sell what your home is capable of delivering to buyers.

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Why Not Capitalize on Home Staging Benefits?

Many home buyers are mistakenly hesitant about spending money on Home Staging services. The truth is, the investment in staging your home will be given back up to five-fold upon a higher sale price of the home! Not only that, but the less time that your home spends on the market, the less money you’ll have to spend in carrying costs! All these savings and profits translate to money that more than covers the initial cost of Home Staging services in Toronto!

Staging your property highlights your home’s strengths, camouflages its weaknesses, and appeals to the masses of prospective home buyers. Home Staging is definitely a valuable key when it comes to selling your home. If you want potential buyers to choose your property over the competition, then Home Staging will make your house stand out from the crowd.

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The first step in the home staging process typically involves eliminating any clutter and giving the place a thorough cleaning job. All of the obvious things will need to be addressed, such as putting dirty dishes away, getting rid of clothing and toys that may be scattered about, and tucking away anything else that should be put in their proper spots.

But de-cluttering goes beyond that. It also involves streamlining the decor of your home. For instance, if you’ve got a myriad of vases, photo frames, and other trinkets covering your tables and shelves, clearing them out of the way and leaving only a select few can do wonders at making your home’s interior seem more polished and clean.

The same goes for the exterior of your home: your curb appeal needs to be enhanced in order to make a good first impression on all the buyers that make appointments to see your home. That means mowing the lawn, eliminating weeds, trimming the bushes, planting flowers, and sprucing up your front door to make your home appear more attractive.


All those family photos that you may have hung on the wall and adorning your dressers and shelves should probably be packed up and ready to be transported to your new home. That goes for all of your children’s beloved paintings and drawings that you’ve got clipped on the fridge.

Buyers want to walk into a space that they can see themselves living in. If all they come across are items that make it very apparent that you and your family still live there, they’ll have a harder time visualizing the space as potentially their own.

Removing these personal touches will eliminate the need for potential buyers to wonder who lives in the house, and instead will picture themselves there. Ideally, you want buyers to objectively look at the house and not be distracted by the people who presently live there.


Not everyone has the same tastes. However, there are certain colours that generally appeal to the masses over others. For instance, you’d be more likely to find more buyers who are more attracted to neutral paint colours like beige, tan or light gray rather than bright orange or psychedelic purple. For this reason, you would be well advised to make any necessary changes in your colour palette if it is vibrant or off-the-wall.

Making such a change is a lot easier than you may think: all it often takes is a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour. Painting is often considered to be one of the best projects to perform in a home to bring the highest return on investment. So don’t be afraid to take a paint brush to your wall to make an investment into selling your home faster, and for more money, which is what neutralizing your space can realistically do!


If you’ve already vacated your home and moved into your new one, you’ll likely have taken all your possessions with you, including your furniture. But leaving your home empty and barren will do very little to help prospective buyers visualize how space can be used. Is it a living room or dining room? Will my sectional sofa fit in here? How is this space supposed to be used? These are the types of questions that buyers will likely ask themselves when they enter a vacant home for sale.

Home Staging professionals will furnish and decorate your empty home exactly the way buyers in your neighbourhood expect to see homes. By presenting your home to buyers on a silver platter, so to speak, they’ll be much better able to envision how the home can be used to its highest and best use, and therefore entice buyers to be more inclined to put in an offer sooner rather than later.

What to Stage

If your home is vacant, you don’t necessarily have to furnish and stage each and every room in the house. The most important factor involves looking at exactly what you’ve got, and choosing which rooms will benefit the most from professional home staging.

There are key rooms in particular that should be focused on to make the biggest impact on a buyer – the kitchen living room, dining room (if there is one), master bedroom, and master bathroom. However, depending on what may warrant further attention – as well as your budget – other rooms may also be looked at to be staged for maximum effect.

At Hope Designs, we’ve spent many years honing our craft and perfecting this skill. Home Staging isn’t just about selling homes; it’s about promoting a lifestyle. Let us help you set the stage for your home, which will in turn create a BUZZ around your property!