What to Consider Before Buying Custom-Made Furniture For Your Toronto Home

November 24, 2020
Buying Custom-Made Furniture

There’s nothing like having furniture custom-made to fit your space like a glove and suit your tastes exactly. Having the perfect piece that features the fabric and exact colour to match your personal style is important to create a space that matches your tastes and lifestyle.

But ordering custom-made furniture can also be a bit of a daunting task if you don’t make certain considerations first. Luckily, there are a few tactics to consider that can make the entire process more streamlined and stress-free, leaving you with pieces that perfectly reflect your style and work well with your home’s layout.

Choose the Right Retailer

Spend some time thinking about the layout of your home before you start shopping for custom furniture. Then, when you have a design theme in mind, inform your furniture retailer of choice. Since there are so many options when it comes to looks and profile, it can be tough to determine what works best in your home. But when you shop with the right brand, you’ll have a resource to help you make decisions such as understanding how a piece will fit in your space.

Decide What Pieces Are Worth Having Custom-Made

Custom-made furniture is always worth it in the most used spaces in your home, like your living room or bedroom. Key spaces where furniture will ideally last for the long haul is best.

Ask For Samples

If you’re given the opportunity to get a sample before ordering anything, ask for it. Seeing a piece of fabric in person and touching it can give you a lot more insight into what your finished piece will look like. It’s important for you to understand how the fabric will fit in with your space, particularly if you have kids or pets at home. Plus, you’ll want to see how certain materials respond to light or spills to see if it suits your space and lifestyle.

Find Out What the Return Policy is

There’s always a chance that you may not be too keen with the finished product, even after spending time picking and choosing a specific fabric and colour. To avoid disappointment, be sure to find out what the retailer’s return policy is before you put your order in. Having a return option is a huge convenience. Keep in mind, however, that there could be a restocking fee for the item you return if there is a return policy.

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