What Are the Best Colours For Selling Your Home?

September 24, 2018

Selling your home with fire-engine red or canary electric purple walls might attract a certain segment of the buyer population, but it’ll probably be an extremely small segment. Colours like these on walls will definitely make appealing to buyers and selling your home much more difficult than if your home’s interior was painted in other colours that buyers think are more attractive.

The truth is, colour is a big deal when it comes to staging your home to sell.

So, which colours are best when it comes to selling your home? Let’s go room by room to see what colours fit best in each.

best colours for selling your homeKitchens

Easily considered the most important space in a home, the kitchen is where you can really impress buyers and get them interested in putting in an offer. But while the actual cabinets, counters, appliances, and hardware obviously play a key role in this room’s appearance, so do the colours.

When it comes to the kitchen, the best colour to use is blue. While you might think this color should be reserved for a little boy’s room, blue actually works really well in a kitchen and is a trendy hue that you’ll see more and more in this space.

Blue evokes feelings of calmness and tranquility, which can help when you’re talking about a room that can often be chaotic with meal preps and entertaining guests. More specifically, a soft grey-blue is ideal for kitchens.


Again, blue works in bathrooms just as well as it does in kitchens. Instead of keeping your bathroom stark white (which can show dirt easier and just make the space seem boring and drab), light blue in the bathroom makes us feel calm and at peace.

Think about it: when you’re immersed in the bathtub enjoying a peaceful soak, do you want to feel overly stimulated, or tranquil? Light blue is able to do the latter. And get this: homes that have light blue in their bathrooms are perceived to be of higher value than homes in different colors!

best colours for selling your homeDining Rooms

Here we go again! Notice a trend? Blue – again – works very well in the dining room, and for similar reasons to why it works in other rooms. But in the case of dining rooms, dark blue is the way to go. A darker shade of blue makes the space more inviting and welcoming for guests, which is exactly how you want buyers to feel when they walk through the front door.

Front Door

OK, so this isn’t exactly a room, but it is an important part of your home, especially when it comes to curb appeal. And once again, blue makes an appearance on the best colour list. Blue has a way of creating amazing curb appeal, which is super important when trying to sell a home quickly and for top dollar. In particular, navy blue is the shade of choice for the front door, which has a way of going well with just about any exterior colour you might have.

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