Ways to Implement Feng Shui Into Your Home’s Decor

February 12, 2019

feng shuiYour home is your haven. It’s a place for you to hang your hat, kick your feet up, and retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. With such importance that your home has, it only makes sense to make the most of your home’s design and decor. After all, you spend a lot of time there, so it’s only natural to want to have a home that you actually want to immerse yourself in.

That’s why feng shui has become an increasingly popular decorative strategy for homeowners. Basically, feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that is associated with good luck, prosperity, and good health. It’s meant to create a peaceful and tranquil space, and many homeowners are adopting its principles to make their homes more serene.

To do the same in your home, consider the following feng shui home decor tips.


Having a positive flow of good energy – or “chi” – is an important aspect of feng shui. And one the easiest and more effective ways to ensure good flow is to declutter. Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong. Clear out shelves, tabletops, and floorspace. Minimize the intricate collections you have on display. Only keep out items you absolutely love, or those that have special meaning.

Ensure Proper Lighting and Air Flow

To encourage good flow of energy, optimize the lighting and air flow in your home. Open the windows, hang sheer drapery over the windows, hang mirrors, and keep all windows clean and polished. Add layers of lighting, including pot lights, chandeliers, pendant lamps, table lamps, and wall sconces to maximize light.

Add Plants

Natural items like plants are an important factor in feng shui. They purify the air and add a great energy to an indoor space. Certain plants are better suited for feng shui, including bamboo, lilies, English ivy, spider plants, and ferns. Avoid plants like cactuses and other plants like it that can rob your home of its feng shui energy.

Add the Right Colours

Every colour exudes a specific type of energy in feng shui. Consider the following chart to understand what each hue can bring to your home in terms of feng shui energy:

  • Red: wealth and prosperity
  • Orange: happiness
  • Yellow: power and mental clarity
  • Green: balance, healing, and peace
  • Blue: tranquility
  • Purple: wealth
  • White: purity
  • Black: power

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