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September 11, 2014

In case you haven’t noticed, more and more homes are making good use of wallpaper. Just flipping through interior design and decor magazines will tip you off on this rising trend. While years ago the use of wallpaper may have been considered a faux pas, these days wallpaper is hotter than ever. There are specific strategic ways that wallpaper should be used in order not to make a room feel small and cluttered. Many homeowners may simply not have the experience that professional interior decorators and designers do to pull off wallpaper in a space, which may be why some homeowners are still shying away from this hot trend in home decor.
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Today’s Contemporary Wallpaper
Wallpaper of today isn’t exactly your grandmother’s version. These days, interior decorators and designers have been increasingly looking to wallpaper as wall-covering solutions. Previous generations did not exactly come in the number of options that are available today. Back then, the type of wallpaper to choose from was challenging when it came to matching a home’s overall decorative theme. Home owners had very little choice, and could only hope to somewhat complement the furniture and features of the house.
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The wallpaper of today comes with much easier application, compared to yesteryear’s version. A number of application methods include peel and place, which makes it easy for just about anyone to tackle this job. Another advantage of today’s wallpaper is that it comes in an increasingly expansive range of options to suit your home’s decor. You can select landscapes, murals, elaborative designs, and simple patterns, depending on your needs and tastes.
Integrating Wallpaper With Your Home’s Decor
Homeowners today have the benefit of being able to select their wallpaper of choice as a means of adding a specific theme to the space. There are so many different designs of wallpaper that you can essentially choose its colour and finish in order to complement other items and furnishings in your room. You can use wallpaper to help highlight the dominant features of your home. For instance, a whimsical-type wallpaper can be used to create a wonderful effect in contrasting with other more subdued pieces.
Matching Wallpaper to Window Treatments
You may choose to install a specific type of wallpaper to act as an accessory to your window coverings, which allows you to mix and match the designs for an overall stylish interior. In spaces where more natural light is allowed to enter, selecting a wallpaper texture and colour that reflects ample light can allow you to leave the main lights off more often, and also create a lovely effect.
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Not Sure What Wallpaper to Choose? Call Hope Designs!
The interior decor team at Hope Designs has the vision and creative mind to help you choose the ideal wallpaper that not only suits your tastes, but also complements other elements of your home’s interior as well. Visit HopeDesigns.ca today, and bring this team of experts aboard to create the most visually appealing home possible!
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