Wallpaper is Making a Big Comeback!

July 13, 2021
Image source: Graham & Brown

You might have memories of that tacky and gaudy wallpaper that your grandmother had plastered all over her walls, but today’s wallpaper is anything but. While clean painted walls are still a classic staple, wallpaper is coming back with a vengeance. And what you’ll see in updated homes is nothing short of modern and sophisticated.

Here are just a few types of wallpaper to choose from if you’re looking to give your walls a fresh look.

Non-Woven Wallpaper

If you’re environmentally conscious, then this type of wallpaper may be for you. It’s also easily washable and breathable, so you don’t have to worry about any mold or mildew from moisture buildup. Plus, non-woven wallpaper is super easy for the DIYer to install, and if you change your mind at some point, it’s easy to remove, too.

Pre-Pasted Wallpaper

Rather than buying additional adhesive for your wallpaper, you can buy prepasted wallpaper with the adhesive already present. All you need to do is wet the back of the wallpaper to activate it.

Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl-based wallpaper is the classic option for many homeowners simply because it’s so versatile. Installing it is easy, and so is removing it. Plus, it’s easy to clean. Depending on the room you’re decorating and your particular needs, there are several options of vinyl wallpaper to choose from.

Solid Sheet Vinyl

Solid sheet vinyl wallpaper is highly durable because it’s thick, easy to clean, and easy to take down. This type of wallpaper is often embossed, making the print of the paper stand out.

Why Install Wallpaper?

There are plenty of reasons why wallpaper may be a great addition to your interior:

-It can last for years and years if hung properly.
-It adheres easily to walls
-It can hide many imperfections
-It can style and depth to any room
-It can be used to create a designer look
-It can be applied to one wall as a feature wall
-It comes in a wide array of designs

If you’re considering adding wallpaper to your home but can’t decide how to go about it, give us a call. At Hope Designs, we’ve got plenty of experience with using wallpaper to create a truly spectacular interior. Get in touch with us today!