Vintage Furniture Trends Making a Comeback in Toronto Interior Decor

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November 17, 2014

Home owners looking to redecorate their spaces may have noticed a few vintage furniture trends emerging these days. In fact, just a quick browse through Toronto interior decorating magazines will show furniture that’s reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s. Why are these pieces making a comeback, and should you consider such pieces when redecorating yoru home?
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Vintage furniture is considered retro, which encourages a sense of sentimentism and nostalgia. In addition, vintage furniture is actually quite green, which fits in quite perfectly into our heightened sense of environmentalism. They’re not taking up space in a landfill, nor are they covered in harsh chemicals that many of today’s pieces are.
The following are 4 common vintage trends reappearing in the world of interior decor this year.
Peacock Chairs
If you’ve ever watched any Addams Family episodes or movies, you would have noticed Morticia Addams lounging on her peacock chair. Now this type of vintage piece is emerging in homes, helping to add a level of vintage home design. This trending furniture piece from the 1960s comes in a variety of colours, allowing for a breezy feel to a space as home owners chill out on it in their living rooms or even on their front porches.
Chinese Teak Furniture
Furniture pieces, like tables, chairs, drawers and shelving that are constructed from Teakwood lumber are making a comeback. Chinese Teak antique pieces are emerging back into homes as a part of the Asian design style. Aside from their age, what makes these pieces appealing is their incredible level of durability with natural oils instead of varnish or sealants. This translates into less work needed to clean or refinish these pieces. While traditionally used for outdoor furniture, they can also be adapted for indoor use.
Vintage Luxury Accent Pieces
Plenty of vintage accessories that have been commonplace for decades now have a important place as collectibles in modern homes. Such accessories include leather kicks, tarnished chest sets, solid furniture pieces, and even beer mugs. Home owners like the idea of having some level of retro in their homes.
Oak Furniture
Antique oak furniture is becoming popular once again in home decor, particularly because of the old world feel that it brings, as well as its simple design elements. Many oak furniture pieces don’t feature varnish or staining that modern oak furniture pieces have, making them look as if they have been carved right out of an oak tree, fitting quite well into natural home design.
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