Using Different Colour Metals in the Same Space

March 15, 2021
Different Coloured Metals

Metal finishes are nothing new in the world of interior design, but they continue to be highly sought-after among homeowners.

More specifically, it’s the warmer metals that are really popular these days, which can do wonders for sprucing up an otherwise drab interior. That said, bold metals are still very popular and don’t seem to be a trend that will fizzle out any time soon.

Not only will you see metal in the usual places — like faucets and hardware — but you’ll see it regularly throughout a room’s furniture and decor.

If you’re thinking of adding metallic finishes to your space, consider the following tips.

Using Different Coloured Metals in the Same Space

Many homeowners may wonder whether using more than one metallic finish in the same area may overwhelm the space and make it look dishevelled. But the truth is, it’s certainly possible to mix metals and still end up with an elegant space. The trick is to use pieces that mix metals colours.

Certain metal finishes tend to be colder than others. Take gold and bronze, for instance. These stand-out metal hues are certainly vibrant and can make any room stand out. But you’ll also want to use these metals appropriately in order to avoid the space looking too gaudy.

If adding gold to your home’s decor feels like a big step for you, consider choosing pieces that mix gold with another metal finish so they’re easier to be incorporated into your space. For instance, choose a light fixture that mixes black and gold together so it’s not as intense.

In fact, a hot trend right now in metal is adding pieces in two different metallic tones. This will allow you to add a bit of gold with other more toned-down hues while still adding some pizzazz to the space. Just a little metal can go a long way.

You may also want to consider adding polished nickel to the mix, which is a more subdued metal and has an overall warm feel that can go well with many other metals, including bronze and gold.

Otherwise, consider sticking to one metal finish per room if you’re still a little uneasy about mixing metals in the same space.

If you’re still a bit uneasy or confused about adding metal to your home but want to spruce up your interior, call the experts to help you create an interior worthy of gracing the pages of your favourite home magazine. Call the pros at Hope Designs today