Using Area Rugs to Enhance Your Decor

December 27, 2019
area rugs

There are plenty of ways to boost your home’s interior decor, and one often overlooked and simple way to do so is by adding an area rug or two. An easy, quick, and affordable way to enhance your home’s interior space, area rugs are a great tool to use if you’re looking for a unique way to revamp your interior.

Area rugs have a unique way of tying a room together or separating various zones in one room and are among the most versatile design elements in an interior.

Here are some tips for using area rugs to enhance your home’s decor.

Throw Your Area Rug Over Top Virtually Any Flooring Type

There’s really no rule when it comes to what type of flooring material is best suited for an area rug, even carpeting. Yes, that’s right: even wall-to-wall broadloom can still be a backdrop for an area rug. The trick is that the flooring should be relatively neutral if you plan to use an area rug that is vibrant in patterning. That said, you can always add a neutral area rug if the flooring beneath is brightly patterned.

Consider the Size

One of the biggest blunders that homeowners make when it comes to laying down area rugs is using ones that are too small. When it comes to area rugs, bigger is almost always better. A small area rug can look out of place and make a room seem off-balance. It can even make a room seem smaller than it really is.

Ideally, the area rug should be large enough so that it is able to reach all grouped furnishings. For instance, your living room sofas should all be partially on top of the area rug.

Consider the Style Relevant to Your Home’s Current Decor

Ideally, the area rug’s style and that of your home should go well together so that the rug doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

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