Tricks That Home Stagers in Toronto Employ to Bring Out the Best in a Home

July 17, 2019
home stagers in Toronto

Ever wonder what tricks home stagers in Toronto have up their sleeves to make a property look more attractive to buyers and promote faster sales at higher prices? Here are just a few they use.

They Keep Things Simple

When it comes to professional home staging, less is usually more. Toronto home stagers will typically wean out many unnecessary pieces to create a space that has just enough items in the right proportion, scale, and number to create a well-balanced, visually appealing space. Unless the room is massive and fits ample furniture and accessories, stagers usually take the less-is-more approach when they stage homes.

They Use Reflective Surfaces to Boost Light

A light and bright space definitely shows better than dark and dingy rooms, which is why it’s always important to maximize the amount of light in a home, whether natural (most recommended) or artificial. To boost the amount of light that oozes through a home, stagers make strategic use of reflective surfaces like mirrors to reflect light and amplify it.

They Never Leave Rooms Vacant

If you’ve already moved out of your home, it’s never recommended to leave your home empty. And there are a few reasons for this. First of all, vacant rooms magnify and expose flaws. Vacant spaces also don’t tell buyers what the space can be used for or give them any sense of perception and scale regarding how furniture can fit.

Instead, filling a room with the right furniture can help camouflage flaws, tell the buyers what function the space serves, and even makes the space seem bigger than it already is.

They Arrange Pieces in Three’s

Based on psychology principles, arranging pieces in three’s can create a more visually appealing space. Whether it’s vases, photos, or plants, grouping them in threes has an aesthetically pleasing appeal to buyers, and home stagers in Toronto use this principle all the time when they stage properties for the market.

They ‘Fake’ the Look of High Ceilings

Low ceilings can make a home seem smaller than it may be. By faking the look of higher ceilings, this can create a space that looks larger and more spacious than it really is.

Home stagers in Toronto do this by creating an illusion that the walls are longer and the ceilings are higher. They do this a number of ways, such as hanging curtains as high on the wall as possible, uplighting, using glossy paint, or hanging pictures and artwork higher to the ceiling.

Need the Help of Home Stagers in Toronto?

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