Toronto Home Staging Vs. Decorating


November 21, 2015

Lots of people get them mixed up, but there are some clear distinctions between Toronto home staging and interior decorating.
When you have your home up for sale, you’re basically selling lifestyle, though it might be drastically different than yours. You’re not necessarily trying to design your home to suit your tastes, but rather those of home buyers.
When staging your home, you’re essentially looking to get a fresh new look that’s not really specific to any particular taste. That’s because you want to attract as many buyers as possible, rather than appease to the likes of only a handful of people.
It’s tough to distinguish between the two concepts at first, but it’s so important to understand the differences, or else you risk having your home sit on the market longer than it needs to.
At the end of the day, just about everyone wants a home that’s inviting, comfortable, and functional, regardless of taste. That’s essentially how you want buyers to see your home when they’re visiting it.
But just because you want to keep your home neutral to attract more buyers doesn’t mean that the place needs to be plain and boring. All you need to do is make sure that your colour palettes are simple yet on-trend, using colours such as tan, off-white or soft gray.
If you’ve got blood-orange walls or fuchsia shag carpets, you might want to take measures to scale things back a little bit. Anything that would be considered over-the-top should be toned down, or else your pool of interested buyers will certainly shrink.
Toronto home staging involves being very strategic about how you are able to depersonalize your space, while decorating involves the customization of the home to suit your specific tastes.
Your stager will suggest necessary changes that will need to be made in order to take the ‘personal’ out of the home and put it into the impersonal realm. And it’s got to be done in a way will help you feel comfortable with the changes while you’re stilling there.
From painting over your current wall colours to getting rid of family photos and editing your existing furniture, the stager’s job is to transform the home into one that prospective buyers like.
And when it comes to decorating, an interior decorator’s job is to revamp a home to suit your tastes, and enhance the functionality of the space to suit your lifestyle.

So How Does Toronto Home Staging Differ From Decorating in Focus?

The gist of the difference between Toronto Home Staging and interior decorating all comes down to your goals:
Home staging = satisfy buyers
Interior decorating = satisfy your tastes
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