Top Window Treatment Trends For Your Toronto Home

October 15, 2019
window treatment trends

You may give your home’s furniture and artwork a lot of attention when revamping the interior of your home, but what about your windows? These often-overlooked components can make a big difference in how they’re “dressed,” so outfitting them with stylish and attractive treatments can give your space the visual boost it needs.

If you’re looking to give your windows a new look, consider these window treatment trends for your Toronto home.

Silk Panels

Not necessarily trendy, silk panels are more classic in nature when it comes to window treatments. That said, they’re still incredibly stylish and worth mentioning on this list. If your budget permits, hanging silk panels on your windows can give your space a sophisticated and luxurious look. You can find silk fabrics in a host of different colours, patterns, and designs.

Organic Materials

Suitable for today’s more “green” and eco-friendly homeowner, organic materials can serve very well as window treatments and are becoming more popular these days. Natural shades and drapes in organic materials like bamboo are more commonly seen in homes today and are quite unique in appearance. They also allow diffused light to come in, giving you a small glimpse of the outdoors while still giving you some privacy.


On the softer side of things is velvet, a lush fabric that you may have thought would be better suited for grand mansions, but can work just as well in smaller spaces, depending on the thickness and colour. Velvet is pretty popular in the world of furniture right now, as you’ll be seeing it more and more on chair and sofa upholstery. But you’ll also find velvet being increasingly used as window treatment fabric, too.

Bold Prints

The popularity of bold prints and stripes will be increasingly seen in all sorts of interior design products. More specifically, bright florals and graphic geometric patterns are just a couple of the bold prints that are found on window treatments lately.

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