Top Toronto Home Interior Design Trends for 2015


August 19, 2015

Much like the world of fashion, there seems to be an element of recycling when it comes to interior decor. But some features of interior decor and design are also taking the traditional and infusing it with a little creativity to create an eclectic idea that many interior decorators and homeowners are coveting.
Here are 6 Toronto home interior design trends that are hot in 2015.
Mixed Metals
Professional Toronto interior decorators, like Lori Howard of Hope Designs, have been mixing metals lately as a way to add a level of style and personality to a space. Mixing warm metals, like copper and rose gold, with cooler ones such as silver is extremely hot these days. Rather than matching every metal finish in a room, it’s much more trendy and strategic to layer a mix of silver, gold and black metals to create a more stylish look.
Smoky Glass
While clear glass is still quite classy and on-trend, it’s the smoky variations of glass that are much more on the pulse these days. Smokey glass has an ability to cause a level of tension between classic and raw, and goes so far as to add a sense of mystery to a material that’s otherwise rather typical.
Rugs With Irregular Patterns
An area rug that features various irregular and unconventional patterns has a way of breaking up the rigidity of rectangular or square rooms and furniture pieces. These are seen more as art pieces rather than just floor coverings, particularly those that are somewhat shimmery and boast a myriad of colours.
Graphic Tiles
Bringing the outdoors in has been a big thing in the world of interior decor for a while, and thanks to this trend, colourful concrete tiles are increasingly moving from commercial to residential spaces. It really is the perfect blend of graphic design and interior decor. These unique and unconventional tiles give a home the appearance of a worldly space.
Indigo Blue
Blue is huge in the world of interior decor, namely indigo. In particular, mixing this navy-ish hue with pearl white is a growing trend in a number of interior decorating projects all over Toronto. This colour is popular thanks in part to its versatility, as it tends to play quite well with other shades, including cream, pink, gray, and sage green.
Organic Design and Natural Themes
Features such as green walls, water features, nature-inspired patterns, bright fabric prints, floral wallpaper and bold interior paints bring out natural themes into contemporary interior design. Modern furniture pieces that display florals and plants may evoke images of the late 80’s, but they are in fact among the more modern interior design trends of 2015. Bed headboard designs, contemporary tables and modern chairs, and trellis designs doubling as room dividers are among the more popular interior decor trends of 2015.
Looking to keep on trend with your interior decor but not sure where to start? No worries. At Hope Designs, we’ve always got our finger on the pulse of what’s hot in the world of interior decor. Take the guesswork off your plate and allow us to come into your home and transform it into one that’s not only contemporary, but one that fits your style.