Tips to Ensure That Your Project Installations Go According to Plan

October 30, 2019
project installation

When it comes to interior design, projects can be as simple as painting walls and rearranging furniture to something a lot more involved, such as a complete gut job. If you’re somewhere along this spectrum with a project installation, you’ll need to take measures to make sure that the job goes smoothly. Even the slightest hiccup can throw the process out of whack.

Here are some tips to ensure a smooth project installation.

Keep All Parties in the Loop

The installation phase of a rehab project might not be pretty, but it’s a crucial one. Any details of the project need to be properly and accurately communicated between all parties involved, including the contractor, cabinet installer, electrician, plumber, interior designer, and any other professional with their hand on the project.

Confirm Shipment Recipients

With a project installation, there are likely a number of items that are going to be delivered to the project site, but they will need to be addressed properly. Your name should be added to the ship-to address on all purchase orders (assuming you’re running the show) and the installer should be set up as a default. If there is no identifying information, it will be difficult for the shipper to determine who each item is going to, which is why names are important.

Determine When Each Component Will Be Installed

First things first, installers can book up quickly, so it’s important to book them as soon as you know what is being done with your project. Once you’ve done that, it’s important to coordinate when all components will be installed and who will be installing what. This coordination and scheduling process can be one of the most difficult parts of a project installation, so be sure to take your time with this one.

Make Sure All Costs Are Covered

It can be easy for your budget to explode far past where you initially thought it would go. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you budget appropriately, and experts agree that adding at least another 10% on top of your quote to cover incidentals and unforeseen costs is important. Make sure you have a detailed contract in place and get all financial quotes in writing. Look at all the details of the contract to make sure everything is accounted for.

Get Hope Designs to Tackle Your Project For You

Managing a project from start to finish can be incredibly challenging, time-consuming, and exhausting. And if you don’t have any proper experience with this, you might be in for more than what you bargained for. Instead, get the professionals to tackle your project management for you. With years of experience in the interior design and project management realms, Hope Designs is your go-to resource for this very purpose. Call or email Hope Designs today to set up a consultation!