Tips for Selling Your Home in Kleinburg

May 12, 2017

In order to successfully sell your home, it’s got to be marketed to the right audience. You wouldn’t put up posters for an upcoming real estate investment course in a daycare, would you? In much the same way, when you’re selling your home in Kleinberg, you wouldn’t necessarily want to prep it for buyers who are looking to purchase in downtown Toronto. The demographics are slightly different.

Selling Your Home in Kleinberg: What Are Your Next Steps?

As a seller, you ideally want to be able to sell quickly and for the most money possible. To boost the odds of doing that, consider the following tips.
selling your home in kleinbergPrice it Appropriately. The right price can do wonders to help when selling your Kleinberg home. If you price too high, you risk losing a large pool of buyers who would otherwise be qualified and interested in putting in an offer. Of course, if you price too low, you’ll risk losing money. Priced just right, you can sell for a fair amount without your listing lingering on the market. Your real estate agent with pull a comparative market analysis report (CMA) that shows what similar homes in your area recently sold for to get a clear idea of how you should price your home.
Clear the Clutter. Take a look around your home. Is it messy? Could it use a little tidying up? If so, now’s the time to tackle this chore. Buyers don’t want to have to sift through all your junk while visiting your home, and they certainly don’t want to look at countertops and other surfaces that are covered in all your things. Put them all away where they belong, or else start packing them up and getting them ready for your move.
Neutralize. Buyers in Kleinberg are savvy and sophisticated, and they’re looking for a particular style to suit their lifestyle. The key to attracting a specific group of buyers is to avoid any type of decor that only a certain type of person would appreciate. In order to avoid limiting your pool of buyers in Kleinberg, do your best to neutralize your home, including painting the walls in a neutral colour (such as gray or taupe), getting rid of any eclectic area rugs or artwork on the walls, and removing any family portraits or religious artifacts.
selling your home in kleinbergBoost Curb Appeal. If you take a look at the homes in Kleinberg, the landscaping is impeccable. Homeowners in this pocket have pride in ownership, and it shows with their landscaping. Curb appeal speaks volumes with buyers, so be sure that your home’s exterior is in immaculate shape. If not, this is definitely one area that you should focus on.
Stage it Professionally. There’s a lot you can do as a homeowner to get your home ready for the market, but you should take things a step further when selling your Kleinberg home. In fact, the majority of sellers in this sophisticated part of the GTA have their homes professionally staged in order to attract more buyers. If you’re not doing the same, you’ll certainly get lost in the competition.
Hope Designs – Helping You Sell Your Kleinberg Home
Don’t take the DIY route when it comes to staging and selling your home. Instead, get the right partners on your team to ensure a quick and successful sale. In addition to a trusted real estate agent, having a professional home staging crew in your corner can increase your odds of success. At Hope Designs, we specialize in staging luxury homes in the GTA, including Kleinberg, and we can give your listing a competitive edge in your market. Call Hope Designs today!