This Year’s Pantone Colour of the Year is … Living Coral!

December 11, 2018

Pantone Colour of the Year Every year Pantone comes out with a specific colour that it deems to be the one that tops all others, and this year, that colour happens to be the very bright and cheerful Living Coral.

Last year, the brand named Ultra Violet its colour of the year, an equally unique and vibrant hue with hints of blue and purple. This year, they went a little further along the colour spectrum with a bright coral shade that features strong pink, orange, and even gold undertones.

The newly named colour – which is announced near the end of every year – is decided upon by the Pantone Color Institute, a consulting division of Pantone that assesses each year’s trends in colour. More specifically, they pay close attention to powerful entities that use specific colours in their branding efforts.

This can include film, celebrities, fashion, and other sources. In terms of Living Coral, Pantone looked to companies like Apple and Airbnb which have both used coral colours over the past year in their branding.

There were plenty of reasons why Pantone chose 16-1546 Living Coral as its colour of the year, including the fact that it exudes a feeling being happy and carefree. Optimism and joy are feelings that people crave, and Living Coral seems to be the perfect hue to tap into these positive emotions.

While Living Coral can be infused in just about anything, it can be especially interesting in interior design and decor. If this colour excites you, you might want to consider adding a few hints of it throughout your home. Perhaps it may a bit too vibrant and bold for you to splash across every surface, and that’s OK. This is the type of colour that can make a huge statement with just a few dashes of it sprinkled in an interior.

Here are just a handful of ways to add Living Coral to your home:

  • Add wallpaper with accents of coral
  • Add a couple of fresh bouquets of coral-hued flowers
  • Paint one accent wall
  • Add a few coral throw pillows
  • Paint one piece of furniture in coral
  • Lay a coral area rug
  • Outfit your dining table with coral-coloured dishes

There are literally dozens of ways to add Pantone’s new 2019 colour of the year to your home. But if you’re a bit stumped on adding this shade to your interior without taking any design risks, call Hope Designs to help. With their team of design and home staging experts, they’ll be able to help you work this vibrant colour into your home to create a space you can be proud of!