Why Staging Vacant Homes is Critical For a Successful Sale


February 17, 2017

The main goal for every seller is to get the most money on the negotiating table and sell their home in a relatively short amount of time. That’s why staging vacant homes is a critical component in the selling process: it literally helps get homes sold quickly and for top dollar, which has been proven time and time again.
But not only is home staging designed for revamping homes with non-functional furniture arrangement and unattractive clutter, it’s also meant to prep vacant homes for the market. Whether you’ve already moved out or are flipping an investment property, leaving your home vacant while it’s on the market is a big no-no, and here are some reasons why.

Without Staging Vacant Homes, Your Listing Photos Will Be Dull

staging vacant homesOne of the most important parts of your listing is its photos. That’s exactly what buyers are looking for when on the prowl for a new home, and as such, you’ve got to really “wow” them with your images. Rooms that are totally empty do very little to showcase their true potential, nor do they show buyers what the spaces can be used for. Without furniture and accessories, your online listing photos won’t exactly entice buyers to want to make an appointment to see your home, which is why staging vacant homes is so important.
Any Flaws in the Home Will Be on Display
While you don’t want to be dishonest about any potential issues with your home, you don’t exactly what to put them on display either. Spaces that are vacant have a way of highlighting flaws that may be present. Whether it’s scuff marks on the paint, tiles that are chipped, or nail holes on the wall, these imperfections will be magnified if the rooms are left vacant. Staging vacant homes effectively camouflages these blemishes with proper furniture arrangement and decor to help buyers focus on what they should be – the potential for the space to fit their lifestyle.
No Emotional Connection Will Be Made
staging vacant homesIn order for buyers to be willing to dish out major cash for a home purchase, they have to make an emotional connection with a home. If they don’t, the odds of them wanting to put in an offer are pretty slim. Home staging is about creating lifestyles for the pool of buyers that are looking in your area. Without any furniture or decor, the home will essentially feel lifeless and will do little to help buyers establish that extremely important emotional connection that needs to be made for a successful sale.
Buyers Won’t Know What Purpose the Rooms Serve
If a home is vacant, buyers will have a tough time determining what each space is designed to be used for. Is it an office? A living room? A play area? Where is the sofa supposed to go? And what about the television? Without proper furniture placement and decor, it will be nearly impossible for buyers to understand what the exact purpose is for each space, and how they are supposed to arrange their own furniture when they move it in.
As you can see, selling your home when it’s vacant is a huge mistake. At Hope Designs, we’ve got plenty of experience staging vacant homes and have an impressive track record of helping homeowners sell their properties in a short period of time and for top dollar. In fact, it’s not uncommon for our clients to sell their homes well over asking price! Get in touch with Hope Designs today!