Staging Airbnb Properties to Invest in

November 13, 2018

Staging Airbnb PropertiesThere’s a ton of money to be made in real estate, but that doesn’t always have to involve long-term renting or fixing and flipping properties. While these are both solid ways to build equity with real estate, there’s been a more unique approach over the recent past: renting out properties on Airbnb.

Perhaps you’ve used Airbnb to book accommodations for yourself when travelling, or know someone who has. It’s a great alternative to booking a traditional hotel, which gets you little more than a TV and a bed.

Instead, Airbnbs allow guests to take advantage of all the commodities that they can enjoy in their own home while travelling. Kitchens, separate bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms are all examples of amenities that you’d be hard-pressed to find with traditional accommodations.

But have you ever considered offering up your own place as an Airbnb accommodation? If you have a vacation property that is vacant for many weeks out of the year, renting it out with Airbnb can be a great way to make a few extra bucks without really having to do much.

Making the Most of Your Short-Term Rental

Sites like Airbnb and the like are typically focused on short-term rentals as a means to provide people with a place to stay while traveling while also providing owners and real estate investors with a sound way to make extra monthly income.

Staging Airbnb PropertiesBut in order to be successful in this business, you have to offer guests much more than just a comfortable place to sleep at night. It’s important that you stage and furnish the place appropriately in order to maximize your investment and attract the masses of people out there looking for a great place to stay while they’re galavanting abroad.

Guests really don’t want to feel as if they’re invading someone else’s space, which usually happens when owners keep all of their personal artifacts, photos, and decor. You want to give your guests great design and style that really “wows” them when they walk through the front door.

You want your guests not only to be comfortable, but you also want them to leave you a great review on Airbnb in order to be better able to attract other customers and keep the ball rolling with your short-term rental investment.

The thing is, decorating, styling, and furnishing these types of abodes takes a lot of know-how and experience. If you’re a newbie, you’ll probably spend far too much time trying to figure out all the ins and outs of staging short-term rentals on your own. Instead of wasting that precious time, get it right the first time with the help of those who have been in this business for a while and have figured out what it takes to stage these types of properties successfully.

The experts at Hope Designs have plenty of experience buying all the furniture, bedding, towels, and everything else needed to ensure guests are comfortable. They’ve mastered the details involved in how the system works and what is needed to run a successful vacation rental business.

Combined with their knowledge of the staging world, Hope Designs makes them the perfect candidate to help you outfit your vacation rental home! Call and book a consultation with Hoe Designs today!