Redesign…A new Twist on Traditional Interior Decorating in Toronto

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April 1, 2012

Many of us surround ourselves with things we love and enjoy

Hope Designs Interior Decorating Toronto

Hope Designs Interior Decorating Toronto

Redesign…A new Twist on Traditional Interior Decorating
Typically when we think of having our house decorated or staged by a professional Interior Decorator or Home Stager we invision living with our homes being invaded by countless trades people, having to endure months of renovations and parting with most, if not all of our familiar furnishings and prized possessions, not to mention our hard earned money. It is an overwhelming thought and not one that most homeowners are comfortable with.
Many of us surround ourselves with things we love and enjoy, perhaps they are precious heirlooms or treasures that we have stumbled upon antique hunting or when travelling.
The concept of having our homes turned upside down for months at a time is not necessarily feasible or appealing to all home owners. This is not the case with redesign.
Redesign simply put, is utilizing many of your current furnishings and accessories and reworking and reconfiguring them to give you an updated space.
Redesign is typically a more cost effective way for homeowners to change their living space. Hope Designs knows the quickest and easiest way to improve your space, often within 24 hours.
When Hope Designs finishes staging a home, homeowners are shocked at the transformation their home has undertaken. In most cases the changes have been made by utilizing most, if not all of their existing furnishings. Consider Redesign to be staging for the home that you are going to live in, rather than sell.
Changes such as paint colour, new draperies, lamps and even simple inexpensive additions such as throw pillows can have a dramatic impact.
A staging and redesign professional will come to your home and do a consultation and walkthrough. The professional redesigner will determine with you which rooms are best suited for redesign and what your personal decorating style is for example: traditional, contemporary or country. The redesign professional will also work with you to determine your budget and create rooms that you are completely at home in.
Homeowners are always revitalized in their new space, surrounded by many of their comfortable and familiar belongings.
To book a consultation for your redesign or staging project, contact Lori Howard of Hope Designs
Lori is a Certified Canadian Staging Professional serving Caledon, Toronto the GTA.
Read about our interior decorating consultation services here or give us a call at 416-557-7903
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