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April 2, 2011

Kitchen Cabinet Repainting offers huge savings over tearing out and replacing an existing kitchen. It not only saves you thousands of dollars, but it keeps all that debris out of Ontario landfills and dumps!
Repainting kitchen cabinets is a much more cost effective option than replacing an entire kitchen Not only is painting fast and economical but updating your current cabinets is an Eco-friendly alternative to replacing an entire kitchen. Painting cabinets will make them look transformed it is the ultimate way to go green and recycle. Choose a completely new color or match an existing color within your room for outstanding results!
How does it work?
In most cases, the foundation and layout of your cabinets are fine, but the color needs an update or they require some repair. With some paint and a bit of elbow grease it is possible to take dark brown or faux wood cabinets and repaint them a fresh clean white for a much more contemporary look, or if your house has a more traditional feel a muted neutral colour often blends in well. Either way, It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint on kitchen cabinets updates the space and gives buyers the kitchen they have always wanted.
Cabinet Door Replacement
If the existing cabinet are totally outdated and beyond repair, the next best option is replacing the cabinet doors.Nothing out dates the look of your kitchen more than exposed hinges and flat panel doors and drawer fronts. Replacing the doors offers a fast, easy solution to this problem at a fraction of the price of a complete kitchen renovation.
This is a quick update for kitchen cabinets that are in good condition but have exposed hinges and flat panel doors.
In most cases the return on investment both on your labour and costs are well worth the expense!
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