Modern Interior Design Style

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May 8, 2014

If streamlined, sleek, uncluttered and open spaces is your cup of tea, then the modern style of interior decorating is probably right for you. Modern style places an emphasis on angular lines, and limited ornamentation that would distract from the simplicity of the overall look. This style of interior decor can be considered the opposite of traditional style, in that the embellishments and antiques that are synonymous with traditional style are virtually unseen in modern decor.
Modern Vs. Contemporary Design
Often the terms ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ are used interchangeably, though the styles are somewhat different from each other. Contemporary decor and design tends to focus more on current trends, and looks that are in style for a given moment. Modern style refers to specific geometrical, clean lines that can often incorporate trends of the moment. This is why the two styles are often confused.
Modern interior decor boasts neutral hues in a space. White and variations of the shade are most often used as the wall colour of choice, although pops of bolder colours can be used to create a dramatic look. Furniture pieces typically feature neutral tone-on-tone upholstery, often with leather providing an additional level of richness. The space can be softened with textured neutrals, and small dashes of colour can be added to accents for a little personality.
Furniture pieces in a modernly styled room are generally low, modular and simple in order to allow for the ultimate in comfort without disrupting the view of other parts of the open area. Modern furniture is especially ideal in smaller spaces, as the sleek and modular designs of many pieces can often be combined or shaped in a number of different ways to add additional style and extra storage.
Sleek and Sophisticated
Finishes on furniture, cabinets, floors and other surfaces in a modern style are sleek and smooth. Modern floors focus on smooth hardwoods, bamboo or stone, and modern kitchens emphasize lacquered cabinet doors made from eco-friendly products or natural woods. Countertops in kitchens and bathrooms are typically stone, granite, stainless steel or green laminate in a smooth and shiny finish.
Views of the outdoors and plenty of natural light is essential in a modern style. Most homes decorated in this style have oversized windows with minimal treatments to create as much of an unobstructed view as possible.
Hope Designs Can Help Bring Modern Style to Your Home
If sleek and sophisticated furniture, and open and airy spaces is for you, then a modern style is most likely your best choice. Let Hope Designs help bring that style to life in your home with creativity and functionality! The expert decorators at Hope Designs have plenty of experience decorating in this modern style, as well as all other forms of decor. Visit our website today at and check out some of our recent projects!