Luxury Home Staging Secrets


June 1, 2017

The process of home staging requires a certain element of creativity, knowledge in current design trends and classic styles, and solid design sense. When it comes to staging luxury homes, these skills need to be amplified even further in order to be effective. There are certain luxury home staging tactics that the professionals are able to implement that the average homeowner may not necessarily be able to.
Luxury Home StagingWhen staging a luxury home, it’s essential to consider the target market and buyer preferences within that specific market. Here are some luxury home staging secrets of the top stagers in the city that are highly effective at garnering plenty of buyer attention and selling quickly.
Luxury Home Staging Secret #1: Pay Attention to Textiles
When considering home staging, one might think of rearranging furniture to optimize flow or adding a few stylish accents to make a space seem more attractive and sophisticated. But it’s the smaller details that often go a long way at impressing buyers, especially those in the luxury market.
In particular, stagers make use of lavish fabrics, linens, and finishes when tackling luxury home staging. Whether it’s the window treatments, bedding, or tablecloths, the fabrics used say a lot about a home.
Luxury Home Staging Secret #2: Create an Opulent Garage
Luxury homeowners tend to own their fair share of expensive toys, and that includes their cars. They certainly don’t want to have to park their prized possessions in a garage that looks more like a barn than a storage space for 6-figure-worth automobiles.
Luxury Home Staging
As such, the garage should be appropriately finished and decorated, and that includes finishing all surfaces – including the floors, walls, and even the ceilings. There should also be ample storage space in the garage by using contemporary cabinetry. Of course, clutter in this space should also be kept to a minimum.
Luxury Home Staging Secret #3: Incorporate Original Art
No luxury home is complete without artwork created by original artists, preferably those who are more well known. Of course, these can be extremely expensive to purchase outright, so you might also want to see if any artists are open to renting out their artwork for a period of time while your home is listed on the market.
Luxury Home Staging Secret #4: Don’t Forget the Outdoor Space
While the interior of a home is obviously extremely important, so is the exterior. In fact, it’s the outside of a home that will make the first impression on buyers, so be sure to take the time to vamp up your exterior so you can “wow” every buyer that pulls up curbside.
Of course, the location is perhaps the main differentiating factor of luxury homes versus non-luxury properties. Be sure to play up the season that you happen to be in when selling and staging a luxury home.
With the summer quickly approaching, you may want to furnish your deck with a variety of pieces, including lounge chairs, tables, chaises, sofas, and umbrellas. In the winter months, you could have a crackling fire pit and a bubbling hot tub (if you have one). Luxury homebuyers are buying a home based on its perceived value, and making an already luxurious home seem even more opulent is the way to go. Luxury home staging can help get you there.
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Staging luxury homes isn’t exactly the DIY type of project. With such a sophisticated pool of buyers, you need to make sure you get it right. Hope Designs has plenty of experience designing luxury homes that sell the precise lifestyle that buyers in these particular locations are searching for.
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