Lori Howard Offers Tips on Staging Homes With Small Kids In Latest Zoocasa Interview!

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October 20, 2016

Staging a home for the real estate market is no small feat, but it’s an essential tactic to get as many eyes on a property listed for sale as possible. Ideally, only the pros should have a hand in this endeavour, and many homeowners and real estate agents have been turning to Lori Howard of Hope Designs for services in this particular niche.
With Lori’s long and impressive track record of staging even the most challenging homes and helping them get sold in record time well over the asking price, her advice is increasingly being sought after by homeowners and professionals in the real estate industry.
Zoocasa recently caught up with Lori Howard of Hope Designs to get suggestions about staging homes with small kids. If you’ve ever tried to keep your home neat and tidy while your home is on the market for sale, you know how incredibly difficult this can be. After all, you still live in your home, and use it every day.
Staging Homes With Small KidsThat challenge becomes even more difficult when you’ve got little kids in the house. They’re into everything, and always leave a trail of dirt and clutter behind them wherever they go. So if you’ve got your home listed for sale on the market, how can you keep it looking pristine for all visitors to see? More specifically, how can you stage your home to attract buyers despite having small kids running around wreaking havoc?
Lori Howard has had her hand at staging homes with small kids in Toronto, and has a number of extremely helpful suggestions to families who want to attract buyers but aren’t sure how to navigate these waters while little children are running around the home. That’s precisely why Zoocasa featured Lori’s suggestions in their online publication, to help sellers get the most out of their real estate transaction.

Tips for Staging Homes With Small Kids: De-Clutter

The fewer things kids have to get their hands on, the lower the odds of a big huge mess being left behind. Before you even put your home up on the market, get rid of anything and everything that you absolutely don’t need. Put all those books, magazines, toys, artifacts, and kids’ artwork away in neat bins that you can easily tuck away and take out whenever you need them.
Make Small Cosmetic Updates
Staging Homes With Small Kidsty St Toronto ONNot every buyer has the same tastes in decor. As such, you’re best bet is to neutralize the decor in your home, which can be done with a few minor cosmetic updates to make your property stand out in the Toronto real estate market.
Any rooms painted in odd, bright hues should be repainted in a neutral colour, like white, beige, taupe, or gray, which will make the home appear updated and modernized. Hope Designs professional home stager Lori Howard recommends painting the whole house in a neutral colour, and also suggests updating window treatments, light fixtures, and bedding too.
Bring an Adult Aura Back to the Space
Children tend to take over a home, including the spaces where the adults in the family like to hang out in. When a home is up for sale, these adult spaces need to be reclaimed and infused with an adult feel to them again. Make sure that each room is staged to showcase its original purpose. For instance, the dining room tends to be used as a homework station or extra playroom. Instead, transform it back into a functional dining room so buyers can visualize how the space is intended to be used.
Delegate the Kids’ Space
The kids still need their space while their home is up for sale, so designating a specific room or two just for them can still work and attract buyers at the same time. Lori recommends staging these rooms with the kids in mind. If the buyer demographics in the neighbourhood are young families with children, these staged spaces can actually work in your favour.
Call the Experts in Home Staging – Hope Designs!
Lori Howard and her team at Hope Designs have been interviewed countless times on a number of different platforms and media outlets. With an increasing number of sources requesting her expertise in the area, she certainly has made a name for herself and makes the only smart choice when it comes to choosing a professional home stager in Toronto to get the job done.
If you’re in need of a professional home stager, call Lori Howard at Hope Designs today!