Laundry Room Design Trends


September 15, 2021

Out of all rooms in the home that you may think of redesigning, the laundry room may not always be on the top of the list. But it should be!

Think about the hassle of having to fold your clothes in a tight area with minimal or no counter space. Or consider the limited storage options for your detergents, hampers, laundry baskets, and other items that you need at your disposal.

With a laundry room lacking in amenities, doing the laundry can be a real hassle. That’s why many homeowners are increasingly looking to their laundry rooms for a redesign to make life a little easier.

If you’re thinking of making some changes to your laundry room, consider some of the following trends.

Lots of Counter Space

One of the more obvious traits that homeowners usually want in their laundry rooms is more counter space. This offers more room to fold laundry and house any little items and trinkets that you may want within easy reach, or just to have as decorative accessories. As far as materials are concerned, consider materials like granite, quartz, or laminate, to name a few.

Open Shelving

Open shelving offers a way to easily provide more storage space without the need for a more in-depth project required with full cabinetry. With open shelves, you can also use them as an opportunity to decorate the space with accessories.

Fold-Out Ironing Board

In addition to your laundry machine and dryer, your laundry room can also be a space for you to get the ironing out of the way. But rather than having to find space for an ironing board, consider installing a fold-out ironing board that “magically” appears from the wall. It can then be tucked back against the wall when you need it.

Fold-Out Laundry Rack

Similarly, consider adding a fold-out laundry rack that gives you some space to air your laundry without having to always depend on your dryer. Like the fold-out ironing board, your laundry rack can be hidden out of sight when not in use.

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