Interior Designers in Toronto Agree – White Walls Are Totally Chic!

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October 31, 2015

Who says white walls are reserved just for stark hospital corridors and personality-depleted spaces? Not so; in fact, white walls are all the rage these days, and are a far cry from the boring look we may affiliate with this shade.
Here are 5 reasons why you might want to leave your walls white, and still have a fabulous interior.
1. White never goes out of style.
There is something utterly timeless and classic about white that will always stand the test of time. You could literally paint your walls white and leave them forever without getting sick of them. No matter what type of decor, colour scheme or furnishings you use in the space, white will always “go” with it.
2. You can experiment with colour in all other aspects of a space.
With white walls, you can infuse colour in things like art pieces, pillows, textiles, upholstery, furniture, rugs, accessories, and anything else in the space. In fact, you can even change up these colours from time to time to alter the look of the room without having to repaint. This is highly useful, especially in rooms that tend to be the focus of redecorating from time to time.
3. There’s a ton of room for creativity with white.
Think of white walls as a blank canvas – there’s really nothing standing in your way of devising a decorative and stylish space. White is essentially an ideal backdrop upon which to decorate as your little heart pleases (within reason, of course!).
4. White emphasizes good architecture.
White is the perfect shade to highlight the architecture in your home. Actually, architects prefer to use white because it helps focus on the structure’s lines. If your home’s got a lot of unique architecture, consider leaving your walls white.
5. White is perfect for an open concept floor plan.
If your home has an open floor plan, white makes the perfect choice. These types of floor plans make every room – and its contents – visible from every angle, so you definitely want the colour to flow well in every space. Not only that, but the enlarged feeling that an open concept provides can be emphasized even more with a bright white.
Hope Designs – Helping You Get the White Right!
In case you didn’t know, there are a ton of different shades of white, and the one you select for your home can make a huge difference in the final look of your home’s interior. When redecorating, it’s always in your best interests to enlist the expertise of interior designers in Toronto. At Hope Designs, these experts will be able to fill you in on all your choices, and help to narrow them down to the perfect one.
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