Interior Designers’ Favourite Furniture Trends For 2018

April 13, 2018

Every year comes with a new set of interior design trends that bring out the best in interior spaces. While some are uber trendy and tend to fade rather quickly, others are able to last longer than their 15 minutes and stick around for an extra year or two. Regardless, furniture trends are meant to give homeowners some design inspiration when furnishing their homes, and the following hot furniture trends of 2018 are sure to tickle your fancy.

furniture trends

Curvy Pieces

While esthetics are certainly essential in the world of interior design, they don’t necessarily trump comfort. That’s where curvier furniture pieces come into the picture. In 2018, pieces that feature more rounded lines are becoming increasingly popular and will continue to get hotter as the months go by. Sofas are being designed with curvature for more comfort and restoration.

Dark Woods

Lighter-coloured woods, such as beech and the like, are still quite popular this year. But darker, richer woods are superseding them in 2018. This year, you’ll be seeing a lot more deep-coloured tones on wood furniture that add a level of sophistication and depth. Think mahogany, walnut, and teak, which are classic darker-coloured woods that can easily bring out the elegance and opulence of any space. They pair especially well with warmer colour palettes, like sienna and terracotta.

furniture trends


Yes, velvet is a huge textile in upholstery in the world of interior design, and this luxurious fabric is being infused with all sorts of colours, form the more subdued to the rich jewel tones. Even classic chairs are being covered in bright-coloured velvet, making these the perfect accent pieces to bring out the best in a space.

Floral Patterns

The floral pattern has already recently made a splash on the interior design scene, and you can be expecting a lot more of it in 2018. Florals are a big thing in sofas and chairs, especially when accompanied by bolder hues, like yellow and green.

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