Interior Decorating Elements for Loft Living

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May 6, 2014

Loft living in Toronto has seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the past decade, with a number of abandoned factories being converted to these modern and urban residences, as well as brand new loft buildings popping up all over the city. The appeal of lofts is quite evident – they’re open, big and bright, and typically offer urbanites wide-open floor plans and industrial elements that you simply won’t see in any other type of dwelling. However, such unique features often make this type of residence a little challenging for the average home owner to decorate.
Loft apartments are generally single large spaces that typically feature exposed ductwork and pipes, massive windows and concrete floors. Many of them also feature exposed brick on the walls, and ceilings are extremely high – upwards of 15 feet – exposing steel or wood beams. A number of loft units may feature sliding steel doors, or doors that pull down. Other units may feature oversized doors that were originally installed to accommodate for crates or machinery before the building was converted to a residence.
Challenges of Decorating a Loft
There are two big challenges that are generally faced when decorating a loft:
1) Dividing the space for various uses – This can be tough especially when it comes to avoiding blocking natural light from windows.
2) Creating private areas within a completely open space
3) Creating storage space – There are rarely large walk-in closets in loft units that you would find in other types of dwellings.
There are a number of ways to counter the challenges mentioned, including:
▪ Creating distinct zones with the use of screens, area rugs, half walls and platforms
▪ Making use of furniture that can double as a room divider, such as high bookcases
▪ Using sliding, track-mounted screens or panels to create private areas
▪ Mounting architectural salvage doors on a track to create privacy and division
Keep Scale in Mind
Scale become crucial when decorating a huge room with disproportionately high ceilings that are typical of lofts. When furnishing the space, the key is not to make the pieces seem lost in the area, nor as if they are sitting at the bottom of a deep well. The furniture pieces should evoke a certain level of presence in the space. Large pieces generally work quite well, which can help provide the visual weight needed in the type of space. Art work should be hung all the way up the tall walls, using large pieces, or groups of smaller ones. Lighting that is hung from the ceiling should come all the way down to human level.
Hope Designs – Experts in the Art of Decorating Loft Spaces
It takes a keen eye and a certain level of experience to successfully decorate a loft unit. These types of dwellings are quite unique, and present a set of decorating challenges unlike other types of residences. Hope Designs has all the experience and skill needed to help loft owners create a stylish and functional space. We have that trained eye that is crucial to decorate a loft in order to maximize every ounce of space in the unit. Visit today and check out our gallery of projects!