How to Spend Quarantine Time Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

April 23, 2020
Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

These are crazy times thanks to the health crisis, especially everyone being asked to “social distance” in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your home some attention that it deserves – and might need. Instead of spending your time at home raiding the fridge or binge-watching Netflix (which certainly deserve their own attention), spend it getting your home ready for the spring season that we’re already in.

Here are a few tips to do just that.


A great activity that might want to participate in – and get the whole family involved in – his painting. Whether your home needs a paint job or you just feel like a change in colour, repainting your walls is a great way to spruce up your home for the spring.

Considering the time of year, consider going with more cheery hues without going overboard with brightness. Blues, greens, and even pale yellows might do wonders for your home’s interior and bring a little positivity to your life, especially during these dreary times.

Bring the Outdoors in

Greenery can do wonders at improving the look of your home, as well as giving your mood a boost. When you’re out for your walks (considering there’s little place else to venture off to), consider plucking a few wild flowers to arrange in a vase. Right now, there are plenty of yellow, violet, and dusty rose wild flowers sprouting up. And don’t forget to pick a bunch of greenery as a lovely backdrop top all those florals you’ve chosen.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Now’s a great time to move pieces around in your home. Whether the current arrangement is not working for you or you’re simply looking for something different, rearranging your furniture can help create better flow and just give your space an updated look.

Add New Accessories

Sure, you might not be able to go shopping for anything other than food or medications right now, but thanks to the internet, you can bring the shopping right to the comfort of your home. You can go nuts with all the selections available online, from the smallest accessories to staple pieces.

From vases, to artwork, to photo frames and beyond, there’s a limitless supply of items that you can purchase online. Just be sure to follow a specific design strategy so you’re not spending your money frivolously and risking a cluttered look in your space.

Need More Ideas on Designing Your Home?

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