How to Mix Different Patterns in the Same Space

July 24, 2018

Mixing patterns in a room is a fabulous way to infuse some colour, depth, and visual interest. You can truly customize a space by adding a few different patterns and textures, but you need to be careful about going overboard, as this could easily cause your room to look disheveled and cause visual confusion.

Here are a few tips to help you successfully mix different patterns in your space without making the area look like you just mindlessly threw everything together.

Mix Different Patterns Choose Different Scales of Pattern

Add different patterns of varying scales so they don’t look as if they are in direct competition with one another and instead compliment each other. Use three different scales: small, medium, and large in the pattern(s) that you have chosen to work with.

Use Larger Patterns on Large Pieces, and Vice Versa With Small Pieces

When deciding where your patterns will be used, consider the pieces or spaces that you’re working with. Large patterns tend to work much better with larger pieces and areas, while smaller patterns are best left for smaller items. For instance, a large pattern would work well with an area rug, while a small pattern would work well with a small accent piece.

Choose Patterns That Have All of Your Colours in it

Many patterns are monotone in colour, while others incorporate various hues. Consider using a large pattern as the base and try to choose one that has all of the colours you’re using in your space. Then you can work off of this pattern and choose smaller patterns that pick up at least one of the colours in the larger pattern.

Mix Different Patterns Group Patterns With Similar Styles

Not all patterns will necessarily mix as well together as others, When choosing the different patterns, consider grouping similar patterns with one another. For instance, traditional patterns can work well when existing together, while more contemporary and modern prints would do well with each other. Of course, you can still mix patterns of different styles, but it might be more difficult if you’re new to this game.

Balance the Patterns in Your Room

It is very important to strive for optimal balance in your room, whether it’s with patterns, furniture pieces, accessories, or anything else. When it comes to patterns, be sure to balance their scale as well as where they are placed within the room.

Need Some Help Choosing the Right Patterns For Your Space?

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