Home Staging in the GTA

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December 20, 2014

Home Staging in the GTA aka Greater Toronto Area
One of the most multicultural and architecturally diverse areas in all of Canada is the GTA. People come from all over the country to work in the GTA, considering the plethora of employment and business opportunities that exist in this large metropolitan area. With almost 6 million people occupying neighbourhoods all over the GTA, the real estate market is always bustling.
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Considering the strength of the real estate market in the GTA, the competition is most often quite tough, which is why you should take all measures necessary to ensure your home stands out from the crowd when placing it up for sale. Staging your home is essential to attracting buyers on the prowl for a new home, enticing them enough to offer you top dollar for your home.
GTA Home Staging Myths Busted
Many home owners who are thinking of selling their homes may think that home staging is not worth it, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Here are some common questions and myths about home staging, and the truth behind such common misconceptions:
Every house will eventually sell, it’s just a matter of when and for how much – Just because your home sells in a decent amount of time when the market is good doesn’t necessarily mean that it sold for as much as it could have had it been staged professionally. Homes that are staged by a professional GTA home stager sell for over 6 percent more than homes that are not. Why not go for the highest bid when selling the most expensive thing you probably own?
I can just stage the house myself – The average home owner isn’t entirely capable of staging their homes on their own. The simple reason why is because they don’t necessarily see all the flaws in their homes that an unbiased professional would. Professional GTA home staging services help home owners view their homes objectively, and market it effectively. Professionals do this for a living, and are trained to help home owners get the greatest returns.
Home buyers can just look past the decor and use their imagination – Only 10 percent of home buyers are able to envision how the home would look if they were to purchase it and furnish it to their tastes. That’s why it’s crucial that the property be presented in such a way that it helps provide buyers with a frame of reference.
Get Your Home Sold Quickly and For the Money It’s Really Worth With a Professional GTA Home Stager
With so much money that stands to be made on the sale of your GTA home, it only makes sense to do everything you can to get top dollar for such a large investment. Hope Designs is the GTA’s first choice for home staging services. We’ll help your home capture the attention of buyers looking in your area, so that you can drastically speed up the sale process, and get the money you deserve on your home. Visit HopeDesigns.ca today!