Hiring Hope Designs as Project Managers Can Save Time and Money on Your Reno

January 12, 2017

At Hope Designs, we’re not only interior design and home staging professionals. We also serve as project managers for all the projects we take on!
project managersImagine going through the interior design or home renovation consultation, devising a plan for your space, choosing all the materials and finishes, and hiring all the appropriate professionals to take on the job. Great! But now what? Who is going to actually oversee the entire project from start to finish? Will you have the time to take on that job? Even if you do, would you have the slightest clue what order each job should take and how to coordinate between all the trades and the delivery of material?
That’s where project managers at Hope Designs comes into the picture. We not only come backed with plenty of experience in the world of interior design and home staging, we also have tons of experience taking on project management roles and ensuring that all projects are started and completed according to schedule and that all steps are done in the right order.
This can take a huge load off of you. Knowing that there is a professional on site who is essentially directing the team to make sure everything happens as they should can provide you with some peace of mind that everything will go accordingly.

Project Managers: Keeping the Job on Track

Here are just some of the tasks we take on as project managers for your project to make sure the job is carried out without a hitch, and within budget:

  • Site planning
  • Project planning
  • Choosing the types of professionals needed for the project
  • Hiring the right tradespeople
  • Coordinating tradespeople
  • Managing any issues
  • Being on site to supervise tradespeople and ensure they’re doing what’s required
  • Making sure the steps are scheduled and completed in the right sequence
  • Making sure the project stays within budget
  • Making sure all items arrive so they are on-site when required

project managersManaging the remodelling process from beginning to end can be a really stressful and overwhelming process for those who either haven’t got the time or simply have no idea where to start. There is a ton of planning, scheduling, communicating, hiring, and managing that needs to be done with a home renovation job. The average homeowner would certainly find such a task daunting.
Keeping your home renovation or interior decorating project running seamlessly and on time calls for a clear understanding and vision of what has to be done. At Hope Designs, we can take on the role of project managers for your interior decorating or home renovation job! Contact us today to see how we can help!