Hallway Decorating Ideas: 5 Ways to Spruce them Up

January 26, 2016

Hallway Decorating Ideas: 5 Ways to Spruce them Up
You’ve spent time and effort on sprucing up the bedrooms, kitchen and living rooms in your home. Perfect! Now your entire home is up-to-snuff – or is it?
There’s one more space that you probably overlooked, like many homeowners tend to do – the hallway! Don’t overlook this important area, as it is the glue that connects living and sleeping spaces together. You probably venture into this area more than any other room in the home, so it definitely warrants some attention with a few Hallway Decorating Ideas.
Regardless of whether your hallway is wide, tight, long, short, dark or bright, there are things you can do to it to spruce it up and keep it harmony with the decor in the rest of your home.

1. Hallway Decorating Ideas: Create a Photo Gallery

What better way to brighten up a drab hallway than to cover the long, drawn-out walls in decorative artwork? Whether it’s your favourite art piece from a well-renowned local artist, or portraits of family members and friends, hanging art is a great way to add some much-needed ‘oomph’. You can choose to go with matching frames, or else go the eclectic route and mix and match frames in vibrant colours and textures.

2. Add a Bright Rug

A great way to add instant flair in a dingy hallway is to line the floor with a colourful rug that runs the length of the hallway. If your hallway is particularly narrow, consider getting a rug with horizontal stripes to help visually widen the area.

3. Hang Pendant Lamps

Interior hallways tend to be pretty dark, especially considering the fact that they don’t usually have any windows to the outside (unless you’ve got skylights, in which case you’re lucky!). Consider hanging pendant lights rather than opting for typical recessed lighting. Not only will this idea help to brighten up the space, it’ll also add an element of decor too.

4. Line the Walls With Wainscotting

Another great decorative element you might want to think about lining your hallway with is wainscotting. Not only does this turn plain walls into something fabulous, it’s also a great way to protect the drywall from inevitable scuff marks and scratches that come with all that traffic!

5. Add a Focal Point at the End of the Hallway

If you’ve got a really long hallway, adding a focal point at the end of it can add a dramatic effect, as well as a distraction from its extra-long length.

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Need any more Hallway Decorating Ideas to spruce up this dull space – or any other room in your home? If so, stop wracking your brains, and start working with the people that do it best – Hope Designs! We’ll help you come up with the perfect plan of attack to turn your hallway from drab to fab! Contact us today!