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December 2, 2014

Interior Decorating in Etobicoke – More Than Just Picking Pretty Colours!
The city of Etobicoke boasts a vast array of ideal family neighbourhoods, each with their own unique characteristics. Many attractive pockets in Etobicoke, – including Islington Village, Bloor West Village, and the Princess-etobicoke interior decorating companyRosethorn neighbourhood – offer beautiful properties that are close to public transportation, shopping, and easy access to the downtown Toronto core.
If you’re lucky enough to call Etobicoke home, keeping your space well designed and decorated is important to both appealing to your senses and improving the functionality of your space.
What Exactly Do Etobicoke Interior Decorators Do?
If you’re looking to revamp the interior decor of your home, you should consider hiring an Interior Decorator in Etobicoke. The fees associated with Interior Decorating services are not limited to just picking a few colour swatches or suggesting certain pieces of furniture to be arranged in a specific way. Interior Decorators in Etobicoke work with everything from furnishings, fabrics, flooring, wall art, and even dealing with contractors to pull a room or entire house together.
Communication is key – Your input is essential, which is why Etobicoke Interior Decorators spend hours communicating with clients to collect every last detail about their likes and dislikes, lifestyle, and needs for ultimate functionality. Keeping clients’ ideas and thoughts in mind is of key importance to decorators to ensure the final product is 100% satisfactory.
Keeping your budget in mind – Interior decorators in Etobicoke will always keep your budget at the forefront. There is a huge misconception out there that hiring an Interior Decorator is like kissing money goodbye, which can’t be any further from the truth. Honest, experienced Interior Decorators keep the project’s budget fully transparent with the cost of the overall project, and are realistic with their clients about such finances.
What home owners should know is that tons of ideas and tips are provided to clients, even just within an initial 2 or 3 hours consultation. Expert decorators help clients prioritize their needs so that they are only spending money in the appropriate places, and on things that will give them the most bang for their buck. This can ultimately save clients a lot in the long run.
Behind-the-scenes legwork – Much of what an interior decorator in Etobicoke does is rather unglamorous. While there are a number of fun elements that goes into the decor process, there are other tasks that decorators must take on, including running errands, negotiating with wholesalers and suppliers, and even physical labour such as hauling furniture, hammering or painting!
Get Started on the Right Path With Hope Designs
If you’re looking for an experienced, honest, highly skilled Interior Decorator in Etobicoke, look no further than Hope Designs. Our team creates comfortable, stylish and welcoming interiors that reflect the lifestyle of our Etobicoke-based clients. We ensure that the finished product reflects your unique personality and style, and allows for the ultimate in functionality. Contact Hope Designs today 416-557-7903 and bring your vision to reality in your home!