Ethical Toronto Home Staging – What the Pros Want You To Know

August 8, 2015

Home staging. It’s a powerful tool that can help get your property sold in as little time and for as much money as possible.
But while some staging certainly has an incredible effect in the sale of a home, it’s not exactly like waving a magic wand and making major flaws disappear. Sure, staging is meant to make the property look as good as possible by enhancing what’s already there, but it’s not about camouflaging structural defects or other flaws that home buyers certainly have a right to know about.
In fact, not only is hiding defects like cracks in the floor or water damaged ceilings unethical, it’s also unlawful. Home stagers abide by a certain code of ethics where they do their best to help buyers see themselves living in the space, without disguising flaws.
Recent Commercial Paints Home Staging in a Bad Light
Take a recent Canadian Tire commercial for example. The TV ad was actually pulled from television as a result of home stagers across Canada petitioning to have it banned.
The commercial showed home buyers looking at a gorgeous kitchen in a home, which was described as “classic staging.” An individual then points out that the home is actually in disrepair. There are ‘hidden’ flaws, such as a leaky ceiling, loud noises, and significant home defects – things that the appliances that Canadian Tire was obviously trying to advertise with this particular commercial were trying to hide.
You can catch the commercial by clicking here.
It might be true that new appliances or other artifacts can help sell homes faster and for more money. But this commercial also inaccurately assumes that home staging techniques are used to specifically to hide home defects.
This is not at all what professional home stagers do. In fact, stagers point out such defects to sellers BEFORE they even put their homes up for sale so they can be dealt with.
The job of a home stager is not to hide defects, but instead to enhance and highlight the best features of a home and paint it in as good a light as possible without keeping any defects a secret from buyers. Home stagers work with a code of ethics, and are never willing to compromise for any seller who is only after a quick sale.
At Hope Designs, we take pride in the work that we do for our clients. Not only are we providing ethical Toronto home staging services to sellers to help them sell their homes quickly and at a fair price, we also provide a service to buyers to ensure that no major defects are ever hidden.
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