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October 16, 2014

Should My Upholstered Living Room Furniture All Match?
Many home owners fall in the trap of trying their hardest to buy “matchy matchy” sofa, chair and loveseat packages, believing that everything has to be exactly the same in order to achieve a level of cohesion within their home. However, the opposite is actually true – it’s quite alright, and even recommended, to try to blend pieces together that “go” rather than necessarily “match”.
But mixing and matching upholstery in your living room is one thing – but getting it right is quite another. There are certain secrets involved in balancing colour, texture and pattern when combining upholstery in a space. Here are some tips to nailing the perfectly unmatched look with your upholstery.
Hope Designs 570x259 patterned furnture Toronto Home Staging Interior Decorating Toronto
Plan and Experiment
While planning your decor is important, so is experimenting. Start off gradually, and begin with things such as a brightly coloured throw pillow. As the shade grows on you, consider where else you can tie the colour or pattern in. Graduate from one piece to the next. If the design isn’t quite how you imagined it, it’s time to change it up. Don’t let the design scheme get in the way of your creativity; instead, the room should take on a life of its own.
Picking Patterns
Consider starting off with a neutral, monotone-coloured sofa, and add a couple of chairs with extravagant patterns that still pick up the colour on your focal piece. This is an easy way to mix and match upholstery without going far too outside the box. When deciding where each pattern fits well into a space’s decor scheme, make sure to pull your colour to the centre.
Creating Balance
Balance out bold, vibrant patterns with areas of solid hues and neutrals. The more textures and patterns that are mixed in a space, the more you’ll need to layer them as a form of visual relief, or else you risk overstimulation to the senses. You’ll need to have areas where you have the opportunity to pull back on patterns and bright colours, in order for you to be able to enjoy the prints that you’ve got. Solids help to maintain a level of harmony in a space, and highlight the patterns in your mixed pieces.
Still Confused? Consort With the Experts in Home Design!
If you’re still a little wary about mixing and matching upholstery in your living room, do yourself a favour and work with a professional in the home design and decor industry, such as those at Hope Designs! We have extensive experience in all realms of interior decor, including matching furniture pieces that don’t necessarily come together as a ‘set’. We have a flair for design, and are always on the cutting edge of what’s hot in the world of home decor. Contact us today by visiting and we’ll be happy to work with your vision and budget to create the most appealing space!