Decorating a Master Bedroom in Toronto


December 15, 2014

How to make your Toronto home appeal to all genders.
The master bedroom is a place of retreat, but it should reflect the personalities of both individuals who occupy it. Men and women tend to have very different decorating styles and tastes, although there can be a happy medium between the two. The key is finding that happy medium, while coming up with a decorating scheme that will turn your master bedroom from drab to fab.
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Here are 5 tips from Toronto Interior Decorators to decorating a master bedroom that appeals to both genders.
1. Find the Right Balance Between Masculine and Feminine
The simplest way to strike this balance is by avoiding extremes. Forget about bows, flowers and doilies, just as much as you should forego dark, rugged leather. While there are definitely some couples who might go against the grain, avoiding extremes such as these can help avoid turning one or the other off. If you absolutely love such extremes, consider using them on a very small scale, such as on a lamp shade or throw pillow.
2. Blend Both Your Styles
You can effectively fuse both of your specific styles in a sophisticated manner without one theme taking over the other. Soft, girly florals and geometric prints, for example, can be effectively blended by incorporating them into more subtle pieces in the room, such as a chair cover or a night table runner.
3. Stick to Gender-Neutral Colors in Furnishings and Accent Pieces
Staying neutral with these items – and then building on top of them as necessary – can help avoid one gender decor style overpowering the other. Prime your master lair with tan shades layered with creams and chocolate coloured furniture. Another neutral option is navy and gray hues. For instance, the walls could be painted in a pewter gray with some navy blue touches and a pop of white.
4. Use Lighting Effectively
Lighting is often an undervalued and underestimated piece of the puzzle when it comes to decorating spaces in a home, including the master bedroom. Lighting has a unique way of setting a mood and tone to a space, and should be used effectively in the master bedroom. Layer the lighting in this space, including a main ceiling light in the centre of the room, table lamps, and wall sconces over each side of the bed.
5. Compromise on Pieces
If you can’t seem to see eye to eye with each other, let one take over in specific departments. For instance, you can select the curtains, while your partner chooses the area rug. As long as the two don’t clash in an overpowering way, this is a good way to compromise while still sticking to the plan of transforming your bedroom into a stylish and comfortable one.
When in Doubt, Call the Pros!
Decorating a Master Bedroom in Toronto.
Hope Designs can help you fuse your tastes together to create a wonderfully decorated master bedroom that will appeal to both of you. If you’re stuck on how to get the decorating and designing process started, call Hope Designs to tackle this job for you! These Toronto Interior Decorators are highly skilled and experienced at all aspects of Interior Decor. Visit today!