Curb Appeal – First Impressions Sell!

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April 2, 2011

Caledon Front porch winter view What is it about spring that gets us all out in our gardens, whistling while we work, and yes, visiting the paint store?
Do you think it’s because everything outside looks new and clean and homeowners want the inside to look as good?
Probably that’s true, but perhaps it’s because we need more colour in our lives especially after a harsh winter such as we have just had. All winter we have just seen white (snow) brown (dormant grass and trees).
We need a lift and nothing lifts us more than NEW PAINT.
If your clients can’t do the entire interior/ exterior of their home due to budget or time constraints why not suggest they paint the exterior doors of the house.
For dynamic eye catching curb appeal choose a stunning red such as Benjamin Moore‘s cc-62 sundried tomato or cc-124 louisiana hot sauce or a similar colour that enhances the exterior paint of the house. You will be amazed at the difference it makes and how much more welcoming it is to your clients and potential buyers; it is like putting out the “welcome mat”.
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