Creating a Beautiful, Multi-Functional Master Bedroom Closet for Your Toronto Home

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January 7, 2015

Among other rooms in a home, the master bedroom closet seems to be getting bigger and bigger with each generation of homes. These days, closets are more than just a spot to throw your clothes in. They’re multi-functional spaces that include storage, seating, furniture, and even a dressing area if the space permits, and a key spot for Interior Decorating. Multi-functional bedroom closets are here to stay. Here are some ideas to help get you started designing and decorating yours.
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How Much Do You Need to Store?
The answer to this question will depend on your lifestyle, financial status, career, and your love of clothing and accessories. Determine your need for space to get dressed in the morning, as well as how much space you’ll need to display and plan out what you’ll be wearing the next day. Some people might just whip on the first thing they see, while others need to carefully assess their options before choosing their outfit for the day. The more things you need to store, the more space you’ll require to accommodate your needs.
What Functions Do You Want Your Closet to Serve You?
For homes that have children, sometimes the master bedroom closet will have to be shared with the kids. For those in smaller households, the ability to neatly store jewelry, accessories and ties right beside clothing is important to be able to save time when getting ready in the morning. Since every household is different, the closet will vary in its functions. It’s important to distinguish between what your necessities are, versus what luxury functions you’d like your closet to feature.
Even Small Closets Can Offer Versatility
The larger the closet, the easier it is to design and organize it. However, smaller closets can still be quite versatile, if you have a plan in place. Consider installing closet organizers that divide your apparel into personal areas that suit your lifestyle. These can either be purchased at a home improvement or furniture store, or can be custom built to perfectly fit in your closet. Optimize your vertical space with the use of shelves and rods, and hand mirrors on the back of the closet door to add a dressing area without having to go right inside the closet. Add a small ottoman that features inside storage to keep your shoes or other artifacts. This will allow seating and storage all in one.
Add Decorative Touches
Master bedroom closets these days are being used for more than just storage – they’re also areas that are being given some decorative touches, including family photos, framed artwork, vases, and even sculptures. The master bedroom is an ideal place for a homeowner to retreat to after a long day, and this extends to the closet. Pendant lighting, wall sconces, baskets, and shelves are creating modern-day master bedroom closets that homeowners can enjoy to the fullest.
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