Color’s Role in Psychology When Staging Your Home For Sale

March 25, 2019

Staging Your Home For SaleWhen it comes to staging your home for sale, a little psychology goes a long way. In fact, staging is all about selling a lifestyle and helping to foster an emotional connection between buyers and your home.

Psychology plays a direct role in this concept, and when done properly, a well-staged home can help you sell your home faster and for more money.

And while there are a few key things that play a role in effective home staging, colour choice is a big one. The colours you choose to decorate your home in will play a direct role in how buyers will feel about your home.

You could have the best furniture and the most exquisite accessories. But if your home is decked out in the wrong colour palette, that could turn buyers off.

That’s why it’s always recommended to tone down off-beat colours and choose tasteful neutrals, since the latter will do more to attract more buyers than the former.

But what exactly do neutral colours do to a buyer’s mind and emotions? Let’s look at a few neutral hues and see how each plays a role in the psychology of staging.


This natural colour is reminiscent of the outdoors and natural materials, such as wood, and can bring about a sense of warmth and peace. The colour brown is comforting, welcoming, and trusting, making people feel at ease.

There are all sorts of variations of brown that you can implement into your home, including tan, mushroom, mahogany, walnut, and chocolate, depending on the exact look you’re going after and the precise pieces you’re incorporating the colour into.


While some may find black a bit harsh, it can make a room look highly sophisticated when done right. Black is elegant, rich, classic, and sophisticated, and easily makes any space look more formal, if that’s what you’re going for. As such, black is better used in spaces like dining rooms where an air of style and formality is often sought.


A fabulous neutral hue in the world of home staging, blue evokes a sense of tranquility, peace, balance, and serenity. As such, it’s great in spaces like the bedroom or bathroom. Of course, depending on the exact shade of blue you use, where you use it and how you use it matters.

These are just examples of neutral tones and how they evoke specific feelings and emotions in people. As such, they should be used to their advantage.

If you’re looking to stage your home anytime soon and want to make sure you choose the right colours for the job, be sure to enlist the help of those who know how best to use colour in home staging: Hope Designs!