Capturing the Mid Century Modern Design For Your Home

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July 29, 2014

The mid century modern style in interior design is a growing trend, but home owners don’t necessarily want to live in a house that looks like an outdated time capsule. Going retro in some respects without going too far can create a space that’s ultra modern yet tastefully classic. If you love simple, clean lines throughout your home, then perhaps the mid century modern design is right for you. The uncomplicated simplicity of furnishings within this design style fit perfectly into a contemporary home. Here are some tips to capturing this essence for your space.mid-century_modern_Hope_Designs_Interior_Design_Toronto_womb_chair_
Low-to-the-Ground Furniture Pieces
One signature aspect to the mid century modern design scheme is furniture that sits low to the ground and features a low back. Pieces that adequately blend a balance of both wood elements and upholstery, such as fabric sofas with wooden arms and legs, help to create a particularly authentic look to your home. Wispy furniture pieces with a strong, rectangular frame is ideal, as well as stand-out pieces adorned in vibrant colours, such as mustard and avocado. If you’re a little hesitant to go all out in this design realm, perhaps you might want to consider more subdued pieces, such as those in more neutral hues.
Decorative Wallpaper
Vintage-inspired wallpaper is all the rage in a mid century modern design, which is anything but old-fashioned. The more modernized versions of this type of wallpaper are much more sophisticated and simplified, yet bold enough to make a statement. Wallpaper may have taken a hiatus in the past, but over the last few years, it has certainly made a strong comeback, and is an integral part of the mid century modern design. High-quality wallpaper can really make a whole room come together well.
It’s important to use wallpaper sparingly, however, so as to not overwhelm the room with either pattern or colour. Bold wallpapers are best suited for an accent wall or a small room such as the powder room. A minimalist approach should be taken when choosing wall art and other wall decor. Look for wallpaper featuring geometric shapes like diamonds or circles.
Teak Tables
Smooth tables made out of of woods like teak or walnut sitting on tapered legs are classic components of mid century modern design. Try to find tables that are constructed using solid wood to ensure optimal durability. The potential heavy look of this solid wood can be offset with a glass top to create a more delicate and open feeling to the space.
There are few items that truly inspire a retro aura than a solid wood credenza. Just like with dining room tables, a mid century modern credenza should be propped up on tapered legs. They also feature a great deal of storage space through swing-out or sliding doors that keep your items out of sight for a clean, polished look. These pieces are not only fabulous for the dining room, but they also make wonderful pieces for the foyer or entryway of the home as well. Try them in the bedroom too to really make this piece versatile!
Hope Designs Can Bring Your Vision of Mid Century Modern Design to Reality
The creative experts at Hope Designs have been designing spaces within the mid century modern realm for years, and for a variety of clients. We have a full understanding of this style of decor, and have a keen eye on how to perfectly balance the retro aspect of this theme with modern day style. To capture the true essence of this design theme, or any other type of design style, visit our website today at!