Bring the Beauty of Nature to Your Toronto Home Interior Design

October 21, 2015

While we might be sad to see summer go so quickly, you can’t deny the absolute beauty of the fall. With the loveliness that is the autumn, why just restrict these esthetics to the outdoors? Why not bring nature in, and take a few aspects of the fall season and infuse them into your Toronto home interior design!
Here are a few ideas to tap into to incorporate natural elements into your home.
Branches and Firewood
Twigs have long been used as decor for interiors, and this trend is still going strong. Collect a few twigs and bunch them up into a clear or ceramic vase to add a sense of nature in your home. If you’ve got a non-working traditional fireplace, consider filling it with neatly piled stacks of firewood. Just make sure these logs are not infested with bugs and insects before you bring them in.
Leaves and Evergreens
The twigs you bring in don’t necessarily have to be bare. You can even bring in some branches with gloriously-coloured leaves and fill a floor vase with them. Even as the leaves fall (and they will), they can create a wonderful, unique look. You can also go the more wintery route and fill your vases with evergreens instead. You’ll get a lovely outdoor feel without having to ‘rake’ any leaves.
Seasonal Veggies and Fresh Herbs
When setting the kitchen or dining room table, consider using small bundles of fresh herbs tied to cloth napkins with a piece of twine. You can also use seasonal fall produce to be used for centerpieces and table decor, such as squash and artichokes in an oversized earth-tone bowl.
Perhaps the easiest thing to gather for indoor design and decor are pinecones. Collect a variety of sizes, and fill clear bowls or glasses with them. You can even fill a metal pail and decorate an empty corner to generate visual interest.
Autumn Garland
Collect a bunch of different fall items of nature, including ornamental grass, sunflowers, and cloves and string them to create a decorative garland that you can place on the front door or along your stair railing. Make it as long as you wish, which will look amazing regardless of where you hand it.
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