Bathroom Decorating DIY Tips

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March 6, 2014

Do you have a small bathroom that you want to decorate, but just haven’t been able to find the right design for your small space?
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Bathroom Decorating DIY Tips
Small bathrooms can be a challenge to decorate. But knowing how to choose the right design and decorating scheme, can help you to transform your small, unenthusiastic bathroom, into a comfortable, tasteful, even luxurious oasis. Some of our budget friendly interior decorating tips, here at Hope Designs, are:
Add a backsplash – The one good thing about a small bathroom is that no matter what you choose, you can keep the cost down by only needing enough material for a small area. Create drama on your wall by using tile to create a backsplash. Whatever your scheme, you can create a dramatic look with a tiled backsplash.
Bright colors – In a small area, use brighter colors to help brighten up the room and give it depth, as well as the feeling of space. Dark colors tend to shrink the room, making it appear dark and dingy. Dark colors can make many people feel claustrophobic.
Pedestal sink – Pedestal sinks open up the area, rather than shrinking the space by using a larger sink and counter top. Larger sinks and counters can consume a lot of floor and wall space which tend to enclose the area. This will decrease vital bathroom space, which will then, be unusable.
Wallpaper – One idea that many interior decorators may suggest, is to wallpaper just one wall. This adds drama to the room without enclosing the room by wallpapering all walls. If you happen to have a lot of natural light filtering into the bathroom, you can use a darker color scheme and not have to worry about space shrinkage.
Don’t overdo color schemes – Where in bigger rooms and bathrooms, you can get away with a larger color pallet, or scheme. In a smaller bathroom, keep the color scheme to a minimum. Don’t try to dabble in too many colors and get too wild. This will only enclose your room, making it confusing and claustrophobic.
Tub/shower combo – In order to utilize all your space, use a tub/shower combo. A separate tub and shower doesn’t make sense in a small bathroom. Combining the two leaves more room for other things you may need or want in the bathroom.Hope Designs Interior Decorating and Home Staging Toronto project_Grenadier_High_Park_Toronto_bathroom 570x259
Keep your mirror manageable – You may be used to a wall-sized mirror in other bathrooms; but for a small bathroom, having a small, decorative mirror hanging on the wall makes more sense. You will open up more wall space and leave the room looking larger than it really is.
Don’t overuse plants – Many people like to put a fresh, live plant in a bathroom. In a small bathroom, there isn’t a whole lot of room for greenery, so if you want a little greenery, opt for a couple small, flowering plants, or greenery. You can even find a hanging plant, or corner plant stand.
Lighting – Lighting is important in a small bathroom. To brighten up the room, use a wall sconce, or a hanging light. Both will add drama to the bathroom, as well as give the appearance that the room is larger than it really is.
If you still aren’t sure what to do for your small bathroom, you can get decorating tips from our team at interior decorators in Toronto.
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