Accessories-HUGE Impact, Small Price tag! Staging in Etobicoke by Hope Designs

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April 2, 2011

Accessories-HUGE Impact, Small Price tag! Staging in Etobicoke by Hope Designs
Occasionally I run across a house that needs little if any improvement in the overall layout and flow of the property, yet something’s missing. Typically what’s absent is that ’WOW” factor or “PIZAZZ” that buyer’s desire. One sure-fire way to achieve the wow is by adding colour and design features to the space through the addition of accessories. It’s amazing the dramatic difference that can be achieved by adding a punch of colour to the living room, dining room, bedrooms etc. Even bathrooms can benefit from simple touches and embellishments in the form of accessories.
Consider adding throw pillows or toss cushions to your dated sofa or love-seat and watch how quickly the room is altered. New table lamps give instant interest to any room. Artwork not only updates a space but in addition adds that necessary punch that will transform any room.
Mirrors in all shapes and sizes are readily available at most big box stores and will add light and depth to even the darkest rooms.
When updating your space for selling or living don’t overlook the impact that greenery (either fresh or faux) can have on your rooms. Plants and flowers offer colour, texture and a cozy natural feeling.
Look for brightly coloured fabrics and accessories to transform your interiors, reds and orange tones are always a winning choice and go well with most neutrals.
Adding accessories will give your rooms dramatic a makeover at a fraction of the cost of replacing all of the existing furnishings.
Submitted by Lori Howard, owner of Hope Designs, Certified Canadian Staging Professional serving the GTA and Caledon.