5 Staging Tips That Really Work to Sell Your Toronto Home Fast

September 6, 2015

There’s no doubt about it: homes that are well staged sell faster and for more money compared to homes that aren’t. With limited time on the market and higher financial rewards to be benefitted through home staging, it only makes sense to engage in this important part of the home selling process. Here are a few staging tips that will help you sell your Toronto home fast, and for top dollar.
1. Emotionally Detach Yourself From Your Home
Staging your home to attract the masses of buyers isn’t going to work if you’re still hugely attached to the place. Why? It’ll influence how you stage your home and present it to buyers. Instead of keeping the focus on you, shift the focus on the potential buyers. Forget about all the family photos and your kids’ art work that’s hanging on the walls. You want the home to look neutral while well-decorated; and for the most part, this requires an emotional detachment from the home.
2. Know Your Buyer
Probably the most important thing when it comes to selling your home is to fully understand who your buyer is. Are the buyers young families with kids? Are they urban professionals? Retirees? Whatever demographic the typical home buyer in your area happens to be, you’ll want to cater to their specific needs in order to attract their attention.
3. Place Emphasis on the Front of the House
There’s a certain little something called “curb appeal,” and it plays a huge role in the overall look of a property. The front of the home will typically be the first thing that potential buyers will see, so you want to be sure to make a good first impression. Sprucing up the front of your home doesn’t have to be extensive. Often it may only require a fresh coat of paint on the front door, cutting the grass, weeding the yard, and planting a few pretty flowers. Potential buyers will appreciate it.
4. Get Rid of the Ugly
While this might sound a bit harsh, the reality is that there are plenty of homes out there for sale that have a few unattractive features in them which do nothing but turn buyers off. Whether you’ve got pink bathroom sinks or outdated floral window treatments, there are ways to go about transforming them.
You may consider repainting the kitchen cabinets, replacing window drapes, swapping light fixtures, getting rid of old wallpaper, or replacing your kitchen counters. These changes can be relatively inexpensive in comparison to how much more you can command on the sale of your home.
5. Accessorize Appropriately
While decluttering and scaling down on knick-knacks is important, you should still use a certain number of accessories to decorate the space. Use only a few key accessories that spell out the type of lifestyle that you want your property to portray. Details are important. A well placed vase, a couple of books on a coffee table, and a stylish art piece or two can be just enough to showcase the home is an attractive light.
To get your home staged the professional way, it makes sense to hire the experts in this field. At Hope Designs, we’ve helped countless home sellers sell their properties for well over asking price in record time! If you want to sell your Toronto home quickly and for the most cash, let the pros at Hope Designs stage your home for you!