5 Paint Colour Mistakes to Avoid in Toronto Home Design

September 9, 2015

Have you found yourself spending eons deciding on whether to opt for “Steel Blue” or “Grey Blue? Then it’s time you get a refresher on paint colour choices in the home. Selecting the right paint colour might sound like a daunting task. And it can be if you make the following mistakes that the pros in interior design say you should stay away from:
1. Being Too “Matchy-Matchy”
Many people seem to have this unwritten rule in their minds about keeping everything impeccably matched. Whether it’s our outfits or the way we decorate our rooms, this “rule of thumb” isn’t exactly on target all the time. In fact, being too matchy-matchy will just make the space look boring and monotone, and give very little personality. Instead, avoid matching the wall color in a room to a colour of one of your textiles. It will only appear too strong. Instead, find a different version to the hue.
2. Using Drastically Different Colours From One Room to the Next
Your living room is a neutral, relaxed room, the bathroom is a wild art deco theme, and the bedroom is a beachy space. While you might want to try out various themes in each room, you still need to make sure that they remain connected in some way. Each room should never be totally different from each other in terms of paint colours on the walls. The entire home needs to make some sense as a whole.
3. Sticking to Just One Colour Palette Throughout the Whole House
This is the opposite of what we’ve just talked about. You might have your favourite colour, but using that in every room will make your home seem really rigid. You’ve got to recognize when it’s time to pull back. While it’s fine to use this colour a great deal, there’s got to be a certain level of relief or else the rooms will feel uptight.
4. Choosing a One-Dimensional Colour
This mistake typically comes with more dramatic colour selections. Hues that have zero depth seem to appear weirdly bright – they stand out a lot more than you want them too, instead of drawing you in. Not understanding or recognizing this is what makes lots of homeowners hesitant to use colour in their spaces.
5. Not Considering the Paint Finish
In addition to picking out the right paint colour, you also need to think about the paint finish. For example, eggshell finishes are great on colours that are really bold and rich, while semi-gloss finishes are well-suited for more neutral hues to bring about more lustre.
Need more tips on the colours to choose for the walls in your home? Lori Howard at Hope Designs has all the tips and guidance you need to make the perfect statement in your home using the right colour schemes. Visit HopeDesigns.ca today, and let the experts in Toronto home design take the guesswork out of colour selections!